Holding me in His hands

Ever since I could remember, I knew there was Someone watching over me. In the night I cried myself to sleep, I felt a comfort which I can’t quite explain. And when my parents arguing grew louder, somehow my heart filled with peace. As much as a child could, I had faith that there was something more; something far beyond me, yet, right within my reach. It was a presence of unwavering hope and unending love.

I truly believe it was God.

He’s held me in His hands and never let me go. Though at times I may walk away or stumble and fall, He welcomes me again and again with open arms. He invites me to lay my burdens down, because they were never meant to carry alone.

And maybe that is the beauty of His grace. It follows me into every season of life, times when I love Him more than anything and times when I’m searching for answers. He never says to be perfect, instead He encourages me to admit when I am weak because that is where He is strong.

My journey with Him has had its ups and downs, just like every relationship does, but He’s been with me through it all. And I find beauty and comfort in knowing nothing in all this world will ever separate me from His love.

by esthergonzales75

I am a New Jersey based poet who aspires to share my story through poetry and prose focused on faith and my journey with depression. I have overcome many obstacles and I believe everyone has a story to tell, even if they haven't found the words yet. I hope my words can inspire others to believe in their purpose and to find strength to climb the next mountain.

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