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you are Soft and Sweet

like a late-summer fruit

kissed by the sun

warm, kind

I will not let anyone bruise you


don’t let a callus form

around your Light

the world needs more men

with tender hearts

who wear them proudly on their sleeves


step into the sea

be joyful

dance in the rain

cry on my shoulder

I am Your knight; you need not wear armor


my lovely boy

you deserve fireworks

in every heart

in every room

you walk into


or rather

They deserve You




Author: Katie Clark
Author Bio: Katie is an illustrator and writer currently living in Columbus, Ohio, though she will soon relocate to Grenoble, France, to teach English. She is eating all the macarons from her favorite bakery that she can in preparation, because she’s still a bit skeptical that the French will be able to do pastry better.
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