How Essential Will Fogging Become for Businesses in 2021?

Amidst COVID-19, businesses are establishing methods to safeguard their facilities, which includes anti-COVID bio fogging.

Fog is suitable to mitigate the spread of coronavirus. It involves cleaning and disinfecting larger rooms. Nevertheless, you might need fogging services with competent and well-trained professionals to issue the treatment.

When you choose fogging treatments to clean and disinfect your business facility, talk about your requirements with the service provider. They are in a position to prescribe the system or product suitable for your business.

What Does Fogging Mean?

Fogging involves space and item disinfection using electrostatically charged fine particle mist. Typical bio fogging services use chemicals tested to EN14476. This chemical is a COVID-eliminating standard product that is effective in combating the threat of COVID-19.

To fog, the fogging service provider sprays mist electrostatically in a room and allows it to cover the surfaces.

During fogging, employees, managers, customers, and contractors must exit the treated rooms for at least 2 hours. Each space can be occupied after that and ventilated or appropriately decontaminated.

Typically, decontamination lasts for a month. It can also be repeated monthly for more extended protection against viruses and bacteria.

How Fogging Works

How does fogging work? It is simple! Fogging services use handheld fogging machines to vaporise a liquid antimicrobial solution. Typically, the vapour is released on the areas to be treated using a fan, and it covers the areas extensively.

While a room is vaporized, it changes to a mist fog-like atmosphere that covers the entire surface.

Most fogging service machines use an electrostatic charge in the chemical to ensure more comprehensive treatment coverage. Apart from disinfecting every surface, fogging also combats airborne pathogens to eliminate every harmful substance after treatment.

How Essential Fogging Will Become for Businesses

Fogging benefits various industries. This year, however, fogging will be essential for businesses in the following ways:

Sterilising Hardware

Fogging is super-effective when sterilising electrical components and computer hardware. Typical computer hardware is sensitive to moisture, which causes electrical damages and prevents sterilisation.

Fortunately, modern fogging treatment is misty and contains no moisture that harms computer hardware performance in businesses. Moreover, bio fogging service providers do not have to lift computers and other electrical components to treat your workplace effectively.

Disinfect Hard-to-Reach Areas

Traditional treatments offered no option to simplify the treatment of specific areas. Currently, however, fogging technology disperses treatment chemicals to problematic areas, nooks and crannies seamlessly. Such difficult areas include water pipes, air ducts, ledges, wall cracks, rims, and tight corners.

Fogging can also cover underneath and behind furniture. It sterilises walls and spreads into cupboards, office carpets, vents, and fans comfortably.

Ensure Minimal Disruption

Compared to traditional disinfection practices, fogging sterilises your business premises and offices with minimal disruption. For zero disruption, you can request fogging during an off day.

Furthermore, fogging sterilization is speedier; the fogging service provider should complete the task within a few minutes, depending on your facility’s size.

If a room is sterilised with ammonia-based fogging, it will hold remnant toxic for a while, which is dangerous. However, bio fogging contains less residual toxicity that escapes in no time.

Time-Saving, Disinfect Regularly

Bio fogging saves time and effort; unlike traditional treatment methods, fogging disinfects within hours, so far, every area is covered.

Moreover, within the short fogging time, mist spreads across every area, and visitors, managers, contractors and staff are protected for at least 30 days. Your company can request extended protection to eliminate viruses.

Is Fogging Good for Health?

It is harmful to spray disinfectants on people regardless of the circumstances. In this regard, your bio fog provider must not disperse the fog in the cabinet, chamber or tunnel where employees are active.

According to the World Health Organisation, dispersing disinfectants on people could be harmful and does not reduce the virus spread. Virus transmission occurs through contact and droplet.

Even if an employee with COVID-19 infection passes through a disinfection device, when they speak, sneeze or cough, the virus spreads. In essence, dispersing disinfectant on people is potentially harmful and impacts health negatively with conditions such as eye, skin, and respiratory irritation.

Fogging: Clean Up Before Anti-COVID Fogging

Although fogging eliminates viruses, it does not wash off dirt and dust. When a fogged area remains dirty, it subdues fogging treatment.

In this regard, fogging sterilization is rendered less effective. The solution is to book a cleaning session to remove dirt and dust before fogging takes place.

Final Thoughts

Before selecting fogging services, confirm whether compliant EN14476 chemicals are used to ensure a 30-day business facility disinfection.

Typical reliable cleaning service in the UK should boast at least a 90% completion rate. The disinfection team should comprise COSHH-trained experts, Health & Safety, CQC compliant methods and colour-coded cleaning.

Fogging services with locally sourced and managed teams are knowledgeable of your area than strangers. Make sure your provider operates locally and attracts trained staff. Also, consider the cleaning programmes; does the provider provide cleaning multiple cleaning plans? Of course, you should not pay for services you do not require.

Finally, select a bio fog cleaner that boasts at least 90% customer satisfaction and contract retention rate.


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