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How I Started Drinking More Water

For as long as I could remember, I was never a fan of drinking water. I was told it was good for me and it was important to drink enough water, but nothing really motivated me enough to actually drink it. It felt like a mental challenge to actually grab a cup of water to drink. I felt like it tasted boring and plain. I tried making my water fancier by adding slices of fruit and cucumbers, but the taste didn’t appeal to me. I tried sparkling water, but I wasn’t fan of the carbonation.

One day I stumbled upon a video on the consequences of a dehydrated body. Learning how it could negatively affect my health in detail was insightful. It also occurred to me that I might be depriving my body of something it really needs to help my organs function the way it should. I decided to take note of my water intake over the next few days. The results were that the amount of water that I was drinking on a daily basis was shockingly low. I also realized that I was experiencing most of the negative effects of being dehydrated.

My mindset began to shift. I excrete water daily, but what was I doing to “put it back” in my body? Think of it like this – you have a running faucet, so there is a constant outflow of water. If the tank that supplies water to the faucet never gets refilled, eventually the faucet will run dry. Each organ in my body needed water to function at its best, so how could I deprive my body of something so crucial?

Water isn’t some health fad that’s in just for right now. It isn’t expensive. I didn’t need to buy fancy branded bottles of water to receive its benefits. Fortunately for me, I have easy access to clean water from the tap in my kitchen, there isn’t really any excuse for me to be dehydrated.

These days, I am more willing to grab a bottle of water to drink. Although I now make frequent trips to the bathroom, I take it as a good sign. It feels like I’m taking better care of my body, the one that works so hard for me every single day.



Author: Chloe Lim
Email: cherowee@gmail.com


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