How Lingerie Puts Women’s Comfort First

From a very young age, children subconsciously pick up some patterns of behaviour and thought. It mostly happens through watching movies, series, or nowadays, through social networks, which are available to anyone. Sexuality, especially women’s sexuality, has been a sort of a taboo until recently, but with the appearance of many feminist and sexual movements, women are more empowered and that is something even young girls can learn. One particularly important topic included in the empowerment movement is ladies’ lingerie.

Comfort is the new black

When you hear “sexy lingerie”, your mind automatically goes to lace underwear, bras, garters or fishnet stockings. Also, the models in advertisements for these products are always tall, thin and beautiful. Every woman has found herself in a situation at least once where she wanted to wear something like that but wasn’t comfortable in it, however, she did it to please her partner.

Luckily for all those women, the trends have changed, and the word sexy has a new meaning. The so-called “granny panties” are back and taking over. Simple, cotton underwear in one colour have started to be seen as pretty attractive. Finally, women have raised their voices and explained that no matter how pretty it looks, lace lingerie is not always comfortable.

Don’t forget your health

Spreading awareness about the importance of personal hygiene is one of the reasons for this “underwear revolution.” Today, we live in an era of many illnesses, but also many scientific discoveries have enabled us to understand our nature better. What our body wants is soft, natural materials such as cotton, linen, or bamboo. This applies to both our wardrobe and more importantly to our underwear. In that sense, what has begun to be considered sexy is health and good personal hygiene. It is especially important to take care of this while you are on your period. Moreover, the great thing is that women’s needs while on their period have also helped create some of these trends.

There are still classic pieces that make you look sexy

Sexiness doesn’t have to be uniform. Uniqueness, originality and confidence are what make a person attractive and that is something that should be applied to underwear too. Yet, there are some pieces that will never go out of fashion, such as a classic G string. It will always remain an embodiment of sexiness in people’s minds, no matter the trends. If you have found them somewhat uncomfortable in the past, you probably didn’t buy the right kind or you may have opted for the one that was not made of cotton or other natural materials. Fortunately, today there are plenty of G-string styles that don’t make you sacrifice comfort for the sake of feeling attractive.

Follow the newest trends

If you need any kind of inspiration, or you want to figure out what will look good on you, just browse the internet for the latest trends when it comes to lingerie. See-through, boho and silky underwear have become the paradigm of sexy. There are many different designs and brands you can choose from. Intriguing pieces that show little and leave more to the imagination are what’s IN right now. The new trends also show a lot of support for every woman dealing with her insecurities. Besides teaching women not to be ashamed of their bodies, brands are still offering options like high-waisted panties to help them in the process. Such underwear undeniably looks great and attractive, so if they happen to be your choice, wear them with confidence.

Feel beautiful in all shapes and sizes

A positive addition to the whole empowerment movement is including women of all shapes and sizes. Classic model looks were considered the highest form of beauty for a long time, but recent trends show that curvy, voluptuous women are beautiful too. We now have many brands dedicated to including all races, shapes, sizes and religions in their designs. As a result, women all over the world have started to embrace their bodies and their sexuality.

Even if it doesn’t seem like much, empowering women by giving them comfortable underwear, and not forcing them to be something they are not, has helped in many ways. Women are no longer afraid to raise their voices, which is exactly what gives them enough freedom and makes them even more beautiful.

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by Sophia SS

I am a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger, a researcher, a graphic designer and a DIY enthusiast. Lover of basics, white and vintage treasures. Design plays a huge role in my personal expression. Also, I am focusing on minimalism and good quality. Love sharing content that inspires women :)

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