How Lucky

The luck of the chosen.

The love of the other.

Did you breathe his air?

How lucky you are,

That’s what he’d say.


Did you fall when you saw him?

How lucky, your heart.

How lucky, the ground.


Did you see the space you left behind?

Where you fell that time in the snow.

How amazing did it feel?

To see him disappointed.

by mercedesviera

Mercedes Viera is a 22-year-old journalism and creative writing student at Rutgers University. She is currently living in New Jersey with hopes to move to New York City after graduation. Mercedes is currently working at Ulta Beauty as lead cashier, but is always writing and working on projects in her head. This coming semester she will join Douglass Women's College's Media Team.

Mercedes has previously been published in Merodea and Femme Now, Puerto Rican online platforms for the empowered women. She also won the Girlboss Rally Scholarship and was able to attend the Girlboss Rally in November of 2017. She likes writing about beauty, fashion, skincare and other misc lifestyle topics. As well as dabbling in poetry every now and then.


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