How society can’t wait for change

We find ourselves in a world where everything has to happen at the pace. We find ourselves unable to wait for the things we feel we want or need.

If we see something materialistic that we want but don’t really have the pennies for it, then we can use credit to buy it. But if we waited and saved for it, then we would probably find that we really didn’t need it or might have found something more important we want.

This is the same for health and wellbeing. More and more people are looking for alternative ways of improving health. For example, If we want to lose weight, we will seek to health shakes as its easier and quicker than eating properly: faster results but shorter-lived weight loss.

This doesn’t just apply to wellbeing and buying things, its life in general. Desperately wanting the kids to go sleep at night so we can have some ME time. Not seeing that we have the opportunity to spend time with them.

We are at traffic lights because they are red. Revving our engines because we want to go through as quickly as possible, if there is a lane we can jump into to get past more traffic, then we will take it. Not giving any thought to the fact the traffic lights are, in fact, helping us to get home or to our destination quicker because they are controlling the flow of traffic.

Life has just become a race. A race for what, though, that is the biggest question. We are in such a hurry, but really and truly, we don’t know why.

Life does throw us all a bone from time to time. Showing us that life doesn’t have to be this way. For example, a first child starting school… OMG, we hear ourselves say. How fast has that gone… I can remember when he was born and being no bigger than my hand. Or when a loved passes to the world of spirit. How we wish we had of spent more time with them or told them how much we loved them, Or when we are driving down the motorway at 80 plus miles an hour, witness an accident on the other side of the road. Then drive like a snail, thinking that could have been me.

The hardest challenge of life is change. Change from the norm and what we have been told, or what we see on TV or in films.

If you find yourself looking and exploring different things to help control your life or to help with your overall wellbeing. Then the first thing to do is STOP!!

Wait at that red traffic light and know that when it is safe and the time is right it will turn GREEN but not before giving a little warning by turning AMBER first.

So what’s earth does that mean?!

Well, when we do finally stop we see what’s important in life, it allows us to take stock of who we are. The biggest challenge is when we start moving again we fall straight back into the rat race again. Be kind to yourself. Know that things take time. Just when you can STOP again, wait, then go. Know in time, the more you stop the stronger you will get.

The more STOPs the more you will realize how much life has to offer.

It is then, and only then will you know what it is you need to do to find your overall wellbeing.

Enjoy the RED lights. Life will then become GREEN.


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