How to Act As If

A Practical Guide for Women to Manifest Magic in Their Life

One of the most difficult parts of manifesting for me had to be “acting as if.” I’m a perfectionist and love to know how to do everything so I can do it “right” But when all the people and posts I found just said to, “act as if I had the job,” I struggled to make sense of it.

Since manifesting a few incredible things into my life, I thought I’d shed some light on how to act as if. Especially because I had such a hard time with this and now feel like I understand what this entails.

First I think it’s important to know what you are manifesting and why you are manifesting it. Your reasons don’t have to be heroic or noble. All you need to know is why you want to have that thing. To give you an example, I am manifesting a trip to New York. Why? Because I want to visit some friends and family (also because I love the city).

Now, take a step back and look at your life, your actions, the way you talk, and think.

These are all incredibly important, even if they seem small. Acting as if comes from the inside and works itself outward. If you don’t feel like the person that would have the money to go to New York, for example, then it may be more difficult to manifest that into your life.

It’s not about buying things you would if you had the money, but acting like the person who has the money. It’s about feeling calm and like you can pay for things, even if that is not your reality.

How would you walk if you had a full-time job? How would you talk about yourself? How would you talk about your work? How would you manage your money? How would you manage your time? How would you talk to yourself?

Once you get the inside work done, then focus on the outside. There is a universal law that goes like this: “take a small step towards the universe and it will take a giant step towards you”. I love this quote from Natalia Benson and it is the perfect explanation of the law of action.

God, Universe, or whatever you are comfortable with loves to see your faith in what has not yet come. So go start planning out the trip, or looking at new work clothes. Whatever steps you can do to prepare you for what you are manifesting, the better. Feel into them and enjoy it.

BRB, I’m off to manifest my trip to New York.

by jcata004

Jocelyn is a writer and creative currently living in Southern California. On her blog, she writes about navigating the landscape of holistic wellness from the perspective of a graduate who did not end up working in their ideal career field. It’s all about the pivot and the opportunity to learn and grow while working towards your goals living life to the fullest and allowing herself to be directed by the forces that be, even if that is not what was planned. She believes in and encourages authenticity, travel, kindness, and giving back. She is currently working on her first book.


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