How to Be Light

With your face forward

Chin level, chin steady

You close your eyes

Gently, like butterfly wings, gently


With your palms down

Hands at rest, hands at ease

You are still and soft

Calmly, like the forest floor, calmly


In the dark

Your vision turns bright

Your senses sharpen


In this space

Your mind clears

Your fears weaken


Quietly, you feel it, quietly

A small dot, shining

At the center of your heart

This small dot, expanding

To places where din departs


Slowly, breath by breath, slowly

Your light is your being

Your light is you seeing

Your light, your present

This moment, your moment

You are light, glowing

Brightly, like a star, brightly


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by sheishimi

A southeast Ohio transplant from the east coast, with many lives lived in the US and abroad, mainly in Thailand, where teaching, writing, eating, and travelling comprised of the air I breathed. A conjurer of stories and poetry. Outside writing, a grants manager and online teacher. A yoga teacher and meditation practitioner. A walker among trees and a listener of rain. A believer in authenticity and courage in the face of uncertainty.


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