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How to Build A Great Skincare Routine

Maintaining healthy skin should be a simple task. But for lots of people, it seems like a downright impossible mission. You might suffer from oily skin, dry skin, blotchiness, acne, dark circles under the eyes—but no matter the challenge, there are steps we can take to help with these problems. Most importantly, everyone’s skin is unique to them and can crave different things. Sadly, there are situations where you may not be able to get the ‘perfect skin’ you hope for. Things like hormone imbalances, diseases, and medical treatments can destabilize your skin health. But following a positive routine can sometimes have an impact on those symptoms.

Using an exfoliating treatment is a great way of removing dead skin cells. Doing so can result in your face being softer and smoother. You can find a number of different products to help with this procedure, from chemical solutions to granular scrubs, and even tools like shower puffs. We wouldn’t recommend doing this any more than twice a week though, as exfoliating too often can offset your skin’s natural balance. 

Washing your face seems to be the most obvious step in taking care of your skin and appearance but you’d be surprised how often people get this step wrong or ignore it altogether. Find yourself a gentle cleanser that is suitable for your skin type. Once you’ve followed the instructions for your chosen product, remember to pat your face dry with a towel. Scrubbing your face with a coarse towel may get the job done, but you’re also going to risk damaging your skin and making your face sore. If you wear makeup, you’ll want to remove that first with a cleanser such as a micellar water product before you move onto a proper cleanse. You should make sure you do this twice a day.

Using products and treatments such as vitamin serums can help to protect your skin from harmful chemicals and UV radiation. Also, consider trying a good anti-aging cream twice a day. This can help to reduce lines and wrinkles and it isn’t specifically reserved for when you’re older. It’s said that the earlier you start using solutions like this, the better. There are also temporary treatments out there that can be applied by trained professionals. Finding a good anti-wrinkle treatment from a great provider, such as Pico Clinics, to reduce the appearance of crows’ feet and forehead lines can be a great confidence boost.

Applying a moisturizer every time you cleanse and apply treatments is so important. Many products, whilst incredibly useful, dry out your skin. If you fail to rehydrate your skin after using these chemical treatments, no matter if they’re gentle on your skin or not, you could find yourself back at square one without any improvements. Dry skin can be very irritating and uncomfortable, so make sure you moisturize!

Something that many forget in their skincare routine is the application of sunscreen. Protecting your skin from harmful UV rays is a pivotal step towards maintaining a healthy look and also reduces your chances of sun damage and skin cancer. Find a product with broad-spectrum protection, preferably of a minimum SPF of 35.


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