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How to Choose the Right Pots and Planters for your Plants?

Water, light, and the right kind of soil are the essentials of keeping a plant healthy, but the right pots and planters can make a big difference altogether. Picking the correct pot for your plants is significant. The kind of planter that you choose will have a direct effect on how well the plant grows.

Do You Need to Report Your Newly-Bought Plant?

While your plant will survive in that little container you got it in from the nursery, it is necessary to report if you want it to thrive. When you buy a new plant, it most likely would have already overgrown the tiny grow pot.

The plant will look fuller and fresh but will soon die without repotting.  When you repot, your plant also gets fresh potting mix enabling it to get larger and healthier. Also, repotting doesn’t mean simply getting bigger size pots and planters.

It could mean changing out the older potting mix and replacing it with a fresh one rich in nutrients. However, your plant will need a larger size pot eventually.

Factors to Consider

Before you go to buy pots and planters for the new plants that you bought, it’s crucial to be aware of the various factors involved. Mentioned below are a few of them.

Getting the right Size

When a plant is too big for the pot, it will have a tendency to tip over even when there’s little or no wind. If the pot is too big for the plant, the roots of the plant would be more susceptible to rotting.

However, if the planter is too small, the plant might slowly die as it won’t get enough space to grow. Root-bound and stunted growth of the plant is another concerning problem. Additionally, you would have to water frequently to prevent the soil from drying out.

Ideally, you would want to get pots and planters that the same size you bought it in. Move to a pot about 2-4 inches wider in diameter when the plant has outgrown the current pot.

For plants that grow very quickly, always choose a bigger pot. For slow-growing plants, pots that are nearly 1-2 inches wider would work well.

Consider the Drainage

Always choose pots and planters with adequate drainage to reduce the chances of root decay. This is especially true if you are buying pots for houseplants as they don’t do well in standing water.

If you want to use a decorative pot without drainage holes, slip a practical terra cotta or plastic container inside to hold the plant. This method of double-potting will allow your plant to thrive while making it aesthetically pleasing.

When double potting, you could choose any container that you like including glass bowls, wicker or jute baskets, metal boxes, and more.

Decide on the Material

The most popular materials for pots and planters are ceramic, terra-cotta, and plastic. While the plastic pots are lightweight, colorful, and inexpensive, they are not porous and can pollute the environment.

Plastic planters could be the solution when weight matters like hanging baskets. Additionally, they hold water in the soil for much longer so it’s important to have adequate drainage holes at the bottom. Terracotta pots on the other hand are heavier but highly porous allowing it to dry out evenly. Available in beautiful designs, it is the perfect choice for plants that prefer well-aerated soil like succulents.

Ceramic planters come in a variety of shapes and look absolutely stunning. However, they can be quite heavy and if you decide to put a big plant in it, it can be extremely difficult to move it around. They are expensive but work well for tropical plants that prefer moist soil.

These are the basic rules of choosing pot and planters. Besides material, size and drainage are the other factors that you have to care for along with aesthetics to let you green babies grow and bloom happily.

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