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How to Create a Cozy Space by Appealing to Four Senses

Home should be your sacred place. Home should feel like the place you want to be all the time. I love enjoying slow moments in my home. I’ve created an atmosphere in my home that exudes coziness, warmth and feel-good vibes. Our senses help us to understand and process the world around us, so appealing to those senses in your home is important to get those cozy feels. It may seem simple, but there is a science to this. Here are ways I’ve learned to intrigue my senses to achieve coziness:


Use candles, incense and essential oil diffusers to create an aromatherapeutic atmosphere. I personally love masculine, woodsy and fresh scents. Scents that are great for calming environments include lavender and eucalyptus. I also enjoy sandalwood, teakwood, amber and mahogany.


Use mood lighting, string lights, salt lamps, anything with soft, warm lighting. Warm lighting makes a room moody and inviting. It also looks great.


Use soft, smooth textures for throws and rugs. This is a given. Layers of soft textiles in your space is always a win for bringing in the coziness and warmth.


Whether it’s music or silence that makes you feel comfy or gives you a sense of calmness, do whatever appeals to your ears. I like to put on my pre-made playlists on Tidal featuring smooth, soulful music.


Your home should be a place of peace and harmony. A place you can’t wait to come home to at the end of the day and a place where you don’t mind spending most of your time. Creating a space that appeals to you takes time, creativity and patience. Take time to find things you love to fill your sacred space and I promise your senses will thank you over and over again.

by MorganD

My name is Morgan and I’m a 30-something-year-old woman on a pursuit of living out my passions. I’m a child advocate by day and creative by night. I enjoy road trips, hiking, indoor gardening, and writing for my blog. I create home, travel, and wellness content. I currently reside in Northern California with 30+ plant babies.


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