How to Feel When You Feel Too Much

On Being a Water Sign & Friendship

Without getting into the specifics of my astrological birth chart, I have A LOT of Pisces placements… and an intense, Plutonian Scorpio rising. For those who don’t speak Astro Hoe, this means that I feel everything, entirely too much, and very deeply.

My emotions run deeper than the average person, which can make it difficult to express myself. Even to my close friends.

I met up with a friend from high school one summer and recounted the time that I wrote an open letter to our friends’ group chat about how much I loved them and missed the old days; the fragility of time and human relationships — normal stuff.

My friend then revealed to me that when no one responded to that frighteningly long text, she had to message them all separately with a “Please, answer her.” And although it’s funny in hindsight, I realized how intense I can actually be when it comes to the people I love.

As I have never been in a romantic relationship before, all of those kinds of feelings have been directed onto friends that I’ve had throughout my life. It’s only shown me how fiercely loyal and loving I am — but it’s also shown me how most people are not. And that’s okay.

One thing I’ve learned from this aforementioned friend (who is a lovely Air Sign btw) is that you can’t expect others to be as caring, as considerate or as unwaveringly loyal… as you. Even if they are your closest friends. Because everyone operates differently, and that’s just the way it is. Simply.

And as a Pisces, this was a hard pill to swallow. So, for those like me — how do we feel after knowing this?:

1.) Express yourself, no matter what. Whether that be to a trusted ear or your trusty journal, just always let those feelings out. Keeping too many things bottled up is a recipe for a breakdown later on,. So get them out in a constructive or creative way.

2.) Accept others’ differences. Although it may be frustrating when your friends don’t express their love for you in a way that matches yours, it doesn’t always mean they don’t care. Your way of expression is appreciated, and you’re putting love out into the universe anyway, so you’re bound to get it back tenfold. (Of course, know when to discern whether people just don’t value your efforts at all. We always have our dignity).

3.) Don’t forget about you! Loving others is beautiful, but loving yourself is something that is extra precious. Instead of pitying yourself for feeling too much, turn that love around and soothe your soul. Always check in with yourself and make sure your cup hasn’t run dry.

So, to all the souls with too-big hearts and teary eyes, I say: Move through this world with all that intense love, and pour it onto others without hesitating. There are people out there who need it.

by Autumn Hutson

Autumn Hutson is an aspiring poet/author, and a recent college graduate on the cusp of her new life. While going through the many moons of her life, writing has always remained a constant. She intends to keep it that way.

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