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How To Get Rid Of Blocked Drains?

Blocked drains can be a headache for you. You might face difficulties passing water through the drain sometimes. The main reason behind that is the unnecessary blockage. You don’t need to call up the plumber to fix a blocked drain every time. Sometimes the blockages are easy to set. You can do the blockage-clearance easily by yourself. But the matter is most of the people don’t have proper knowledge of managing blocked drains. You can start with the kitchen tools and the DIY methods to get rid of blocked drains. Lemon juice, warm water, and baking soda can help a lot but when these do not help, you need to hire professional plumbers. Here we are mentioning some easy and possible methods of clearing blocked drains

Drain Cleaner 

You will get effective drain cleaners in local stores. Drain cleaners from renowned brands have proven benefits to clear blocked drains. Although most of the drain cleaners contain harmful chemical compounds. The chemicals can be detrimental in many ways. You can’t also try some non-chemical processes to clear blocked drains. A little amount of vinegar, along with baking soda, can be useful as well. Firstly, pour down the vinegar into the drain and then apply baking soda 


Plungers are the devices to fix blocked drains comfortably. You can buy a plunger from a local hardware store. It won’t cost too much. With a plunger, you can set the drain-blockage without investing many efforts. It would help to learn to use the device properly. You don’t have to buy a large plunger to clear the drains of the sink or bathtub. You need to hire the professionals who know the right use of the drain plungers. You can also call them during an emergency, as they know how to deal with the best plumbing methods and instruments. You can check out the videos to learn to use the plunger properly.


Another effective method in the list is the usage of a drain snake. It’s a little plastic substance to insert into the drain. It contains teeth-like structures on both sides. That helps the drain to get cleared. It is a method that most people use to clear drains. Also, the drain snakes are cost-effective too. You don’t have to spend much money on such a tool. It is a simple but effective way to get your drain cleared.

Boiling water 

First of all, you need to clear the standing water from your sink. Such water can be stagnant and contain bacteria. The right amount of boiling water can clean the gutters to large extent. However, sometimes, an excess amount of boiling water can make the sides of the pipe corroding. You might have to redo the same system up to 4-5 times to clear the drain. But there is no investment in such away. It is probably the most natural home technique to clear unnecessary blockages.

P-trap cleaning 

You will find a P-trap at the curve of the drainpipe of the sink. In most cases, this area is the reason for the blockage. So, gently open the P-trap and connect that again. In this way, the substance that is causing the blockage will come out. If that doesn’t come out, you can try using a coat-hanger to clear that.

These are all possible ways to clear your drain-blockage by yourself. Plumber generally charges a reasonable amount for their services. So, try these ways first to make your drain-blockage. That can save up a lot of your expenses. You can now always hire the best plumbers for all your blocked drain cleaning needs. Check their affiliation, license, and the years for which they have been working in the plumbing industry.

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