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How to Incorporate Plants into your Small Space

If you love plants and live in a small space like me, don’t be intimidated by limited amounts of space. One home decor mantra I live by: There is always room for plants! Here are some ways to incorporate plants into your small space:


If you’re thinking of ways to fill all of that unused shelf space, add plants. There is no right or wrong way to add plants to shelving units. I personally love a good mix of plants, books, and decor on a shelf or bookcase. Also, don’t be afraid to put plants on your tv stand if you have room. Fun fact: did you know that some plants actually absorb radiation? (Cacti, sansevieria, and spider plants just to name a few.)


I have 2 trailing plants (pothos) in my space and I use macrame planter hangers to hang one of them. The other one simply hangs off a nail in the wall until I get enough courage to place a hook in the ceiling. There are other ways to hang plants in your space, however. You can use cool-looking clothing racks and branches. I just hung a Donkey Tail Succulent in my shower. Get creative.


I have a pretty large Monstera Deliciosa that sits in an awkward corner in my living room. If you have any unused, awkward nooks and corners in your home, use plants to fill in that space—especially if you have any large plants that can’t fit anywhere else, like a monstrous Monstera.


Dining tables can be used for plant storage without taking away any functional space. You can do this by grouping them at the end of a dining table placed against a wall or in the center if the dining table is centered in a room. You can place many small plants in a decorative tray or one big plant as the centerpiece. This works on coffee tables as well. If you don’t have a coffee table and use an ottoman functionally in your small space, place a decorative tray on the ottoman with small plants as well. Once again, get creative.


I previously had up to about 30 plants in my 600 square foot apartment and started to run out of shelf and table space. So I began placing plants on the floor as well. Floor space at the edges of tv stands, shelf units, and sofas works and looks great. Also, floor space next to or at the foot of your bed also works for plant space and styling. I love random plant placement.

Don’t let your small space intimidate you out of buying plants for your home. The trick is to get creative with the space you have to incorporate plants and make your small space magical.


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by MorganD

My name is Morgan and I’m a 30-something-year-old woman on a pursuit of living out my passions. I’m a child advocate by day and creative by night. I enjoy road trips, hiking, indoor gardening, and writing for my blog. I create home, travel, and wellness content. I currently reside in Northern California with 30+ plant babies.


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