How to Prevent Burnout in a Small Business

Most business owners treat their business as one of their children and love what they get to do for a living. But as a small business owner, it is often hard to step away from work and enjoy life. As hard as not answering an email or phone call can be, it is important to take a break and walk away from work every once in a while to prevent yourself from burning out.


If you do not have control of the day-to-day happenings with your business, it can cause a major source of your work-related stress. Organizing your files, data and other business administration related activities will not only help keep your stress levels at bay, and it can also help you run your business more smoothly. Being organized is one of the biggest keys to success when running your own business!

Schedule Down Time

Americans are horrible at taking vacations and scheduling downtime for themselves. If you have a packed schedule, you most likely are not taking a break to do anything that isn’t related to work. One way to make sure you are spending time for yourself every day is to schedule time each day to do something you enjoy. Whether that is reading a book, going for a walk, taking a power nap, or doing something non-work related will make you feel much happier and less burned out at the end of the week.


It is important to ask for help in any business setting. Delegating additional tasks to your employees will help take a large portion of the workload off of your plate and will help you maximize the use of your time. It will also allow you the opportunity to focus on creating and launching new products or work on projects you’ve been neglecting.

Set Hours

Owning your own business allows you to work when you want and make your hours, but it could mean that you are working more often than you should be. Whether you work 8:30-5 or 10-6, once you reach the end of the day, you’re done.

Avoiding burnout is about protecting the main component of the business — you! It will allow you to focus on your priorities and give you the time to take breaks, so you are fully refreshed each day. This isn’t always something that comes easy to people, but it will help reduce your stress and make you more productive!

by DustyOlsonTexas

Dusty Olson, based in Austin, Texas, is a wife, mother, and small business owner. The former educator and member of the state Senate legislative staff, stops at nothing to achieve her goals. Her career has led her to owning her own small business that allows her to express her creative spirit.

Dusty Olson is the owner of ATX Gives Back. Her business allows her to provide a personalized shirt to a child in need in Austin, Texas per each item that is sold in the shop. With custom monogrammed apparel and accessories, Dusty has been able to successfully launch her business on Etsy while continuing to help the Austin community.

When she isn't working, Dusty Olson enjoys spending time with her husband and young children. As a family, they travel and experience everything the great state of Texas has to offer!