How To Revamp Your Brand the Right Way

If you are to revamp your brand, the process needs to be handled with great sensitivity. After all, the public perception of businesses is more fragile than ever. 

Well-known brands Uncle Ben and Cream of Wheat last year acknowledged the racist origins of some of their brand mascots, announcing plans to change them. Others might have chosen to remain silent on matters, favoring a more recognizable brand identity. 

There is more at stake here than simply improving profits. Revamping a brand requires a good deal of tact before success is assured. Here is how to do it the right way. 

Reconsider Overall Motivations 

You should not take the revamping of your brand lightly. Ensure your business changes for the right reasons. 

Many other firms have made bids to overhaul their brand image after intense public scrutiny. It is best to make any alterations of your own volition. That way, your decision comes from an organic desire to do better, rather than because you were caught doing something bad. 

A good reason to change your branding may include: 

  • Accommodating growth: Make changes as your business expands into new sectors, and you will be able to appeal to different customer demographics.   
  • Retiring old fashioned motifs: Modernize any market materials to reflect contemporary values better.   
  • Aligning strategies: Double-check that your online and offline branding efforts communicate the same message for a more consistent image of your firm. 

Revamp your brand when you are committed to making seismic changes elsewhere in your firm. This is not a path to go down if you think updating the aesthetics of your logo or tagline will make you a quick buck. The changes need to resonate and need to be authentic every step of the way. 

Make Bold Irreversible Decisions

If you are going to revamp your brand, it is essential to go ‘all out’. Exploring other brand naming options will highlight a commitment to improve. Namestormers can help you adopt a clearer vision for your firm’s identity, providing you with as many rounds of possible names as you could wish for at no extra cost. 

The suggestions you narrow down to are screened and audience-tested. This ensures that you do not run into trademark infringements or poorly received updates. Use these services for peace of mind in what can otherwise be a stressful process. 

Once you have removed all prior elements of your brand, there is nothing left to do but face a brighter future. Things you should highlight in future branding include:

  • Eco-friendly practices: Some millennials are willing to pay more for sustainable goods, so mention newer eco-friendly achievements and processes in your branding for some extra clout. 
  • Charity initiatives: Give your business scope to care about matters other than making money, and potential customers and partners may be more willing to work with you. 

It is not enough for brands to be faceless corporate entities. They need to be personable, and an active part of society. Make sure your branding is meeting those objectives, and the revamp will be a more worthwhile process. 


by Harness Editor

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