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How To Stop Comparing Ourselves To Strangers On The Internet

Picture this: you’re scrolling on Instagram after a really nice productive day and BAM you see a close friend of yours getting engaged. You keep scrolling and you see another friend landing the job of her dreams. You scroll some more and you see another friend buying a house. You scroll more and you see all these influencers living the most lavish lifestyles and you start to wonder: why can’t I accomplish all of these things too? Am I behind in life? Should I be achieving those things too?

Instagram is a double edged sword. It’s so amazing to connect and network with people all over the world and it’s so nice to inspire others and be inspired on the platform. However….the biggest problem that Instagram presents is comparison and FOMO. We’re constantly bombarded by everyone’s highlight reels and we don’t actually see what’s going on behind the scenes. We also don’t see the amount of work it takes for others to succeed and we assume that they’re living their best life because they have better luck than us which isn’t true.

Another thing that is important to keep note of is, sometimes we want something that someone else has but maybe we’re not meant to walk that path. Maybe it’ll happen later on for us. Maybe there’s something else in store for us. You might look up to someone on social media who has one million followers and you might want to get there too…but maybe you have lessons to learn before you get to that point. Maybe you’ll make an impact in a different way.

We all have a special blueprint and journey on this planet. We’re not all meant to do the same things and comparing ourselves knocks us off our path. When you find yourself in a place of comparison or envy for what someone else has, come back to your WHY. Come back to your purpose and what you can do to get closer to YOUR dreams, not anyone else’s. You’re here to do big things, remember that.

by Yasmin Elzomor

Hi loves! My name is Yasmin Elzomor and I am a NYC based relationship + trauma coach. I began fulfilling my mission and purpose through coaching a few years ago when I ended a 4 year relationship. It was a relationship filled with hardship and trauma - I was in a very transitional and difficult point in my life where I didn't know what I wanted to do or where I wanted to go. I constantly wondered why I was always attracting unhealthy men and relationships so I wanted to dive deeper into my own shadows and break this cycle I kept hitting. Shortly after ending that relationship, I realized that I wanted to help other women (and men) to step into their power and attract healthier relationships into their lives by understanding their trauma and internal worlds. I am so passionate about helping other people rise and live the life they are worthy of living, as well as holding myself accountable by doing the same and leading with integrity.

Aside from this mission, I am also a content creator + influencer. I work with many different brands that I love and I create content for them and help them grow.


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