How to Successfully Grow Your Online Clothing Business during Covid-19

Clothing Business & COVID-19

Selling clothes online is an extremely profitable business. People these days buy new clothes even when their old ones hardly show any signs of wear and tear. The fashion industry and our current lifestyles play a huge role in promoting the clothing industry. Plus, with online shopping, the convenience of receiving your item through home delivery just adds to the overall appeal.

Around the world, people are shopping for clothes online. According to a report compiled by Statista.com, the global online fashion market was worth $533 billion in 2018 and expected to grow to $872 billion by 2023. It goes without saying that both fashion and technology have integrated with each other exceedingly well for the masses.

However, in 2020, our world was struck by a pandemic, and to this day, COVID-19 is wrecking lives across the planet. In this post, we would like to offer you some advice on how to continue growing your online clothing business during these challenging times.

Ways to Grow Your Business Online

The following are some ways you can boost your online clothing business during this pandemic.

Prioritize Loyal Customers:

First and foremost, we all know that sooner or later, even online businesses will get affected due to this raging pandemic. This is why it is highly significant that you have your loyal customers and all of their data sorted and separated. Loyal customers are often a regular source of income for your venture. Plus, they not only buy more products but also offer you great reviews online.

There is a considerable amount of time and effort involved that has made them loyal to your services. Hence they are undoubtedly your number one priority if you seek to sustain your online clothing business’ profitability during such times.

Personalized Experiences:

We are all going through troubled times, which means we act as a community that is united for a cause. While the pandemic has unquestionably brought a lot of lives to a halt, it has also shown that people care about other people, and incredible feats of support and charity are being made every day.

Your online business needs to feed on this positive energy and promulgate such visuals that complement acts of kindness. Furthermore, it will also allow for a touch of personalization that every customer these days values. To create that value for your customer and make their visit on your website worthwhile, you need to offer something more insightful for them. Emails with personalized content, including the name of your customer, can increase the chances of getting a lead.

Empathetic Marketing:

Now is a great time to make use of empathetic marketing. The whole world is crying and hurting, with more than 300,000 people reported to have lost their lives fighting this deadly virus all over the globe. Empathy based marketing is a powerful tool that you can use to make customers understand that you are compassionate towards their situation and dire concerns.

This is where your marketing team needs to step into your customers’ shoes and know what they are experiencing. Encouraging and comforting messages on your online store will reflect your humane side and help to build the image of your business as a part of the community as well.

Staying Connected:

Let your customers know that you are still available and fully functioning. With the news of many businesses closing down across the globe, there is a high chance that your customers would have assumed the worst about you as well. Hence you need to stay connected with and inform them about you and create awareness in them that your business is still up and running.

Plus, you also need to be more consistent with your approach and communicate with them on a higher frequency. With many people not allowed to go outside of their homes, this is the best time to get their attention and build conversations with them.

Tracking Down Your Target Audience:

A lot of the websites these days utilize cookies to gather information about its online visitors to provide them with valuable services that are more catered to their needs. However, some of the cookies are also able to track the location of the user. Many people will be going online from their home address instead of their office address, which offers an opportunity to derive different information regarding them.

By tracking down your target audience — using smart technologies to get to know them better — you will be able to maneuver your services according to their needs.

Engaging Content:

No online website, business, or e-commerce store can stay relevant and alive in the mind of its selected audience if its content is not interactive or engaging. By content, we not only mean written content, but all sorts of media that is being utilized to capture the attention of online visitors, such as videos, appealing graphics, eye-catching visuals, infographics, and much more. Use customization software to engage more customers.

The more engaging and interactive content you offer on your website, the more time your online visitor will spend on it.

Promoting Your Niche:

Now is a good time as any to promote your niche. All you need to do is simply state what makes you different from the rest. Tell your customers that you can solve their problems better than anybody else because you understand them.

Lastly, you need to listen to your customers. If they have some valuable feedback that warrants a change to be brought in your current operations, then don’t be rigid. Try to stay as flexible as you can. The best approach, however, is to make sure that you implement user-generated content as well as sustainable mediums to get the message across.

Make Your Website More Accessible:

With people unable to walk into many stores due to social distancing, the floor traffic for many shopping malls, shopping centers, and complexes have decreased drastically. This is exactly why many companies nowadays are offering more accessible digital content to their online visitors. This can help reduce the pandemic’s negative impact and compensate through virtual tours and various other digital content.

I recommend that you offer your users and online visitors a more immersive experience that has them engrossed almost immediately.

Customized Packaging:

If you really want to make a difference and stand out from the rest, offer your customers a handwritten card, thanking them for shopping at your store.

It isn’t easy to meet people one-on-one these days, which is why you need to make sure to send out courteous gestures as much as you can. This will create an impact on your audience. Plus, it might also bring a smile on their face during these tough times.

Go Live on Social Media:

Things are quite tricky, and many of us are going through hard times. Some people’s lives are more affected than the rest, which is why you need to step up your game and get them some support. Social media is a great platform to go live online and let people know that you are out there to support their needs in every way possible. A live video on Facebook or YouTube telling customers you are working hard to make sure they get their products is a way of showing gratitude and motivates your audience.

Encourage Customers to Share Feedback:

We are currently experiencing times that no one could have imagined before. This is why it is time to open ourselves to our comrades and community members and treat customers like family. Through your online store, you can share messages like, “Your Say Matters To Us.” This encourages them to share their feedback about your current services and how things can be improved to facilitate them more.

Sometimes things work out great for your business, other times not so well. Your customers can offer you the insight to improve your business as well as grow better and stronger with every passing moment.

Promotional Items & Samples:

This might take a toll on your budget, but promotional items and giveaways provide you with a high return on investments. Hence your investment in them is justified by all means. So, the next time you make a delivery, make sure to add in a promotional gift or a sample of an item saying, “We thought you might like to try out these as well.” Sure, they did not make a purchase, and you are sending the item for free, but every little action of yours can offer you generous returns in the future.


Managing an online business during COVID-19 is not a walk in the park. Many managers and business owners across the globe are trying their best to stay vigilant and face the odds that are presented to them during these unprecedented times.

We all live through history now, and our future generations will read about the time when a pandemic hit the world. Your business is your source of income; therefore, it wouldn’t be wrong to encourage you to take risks and try some out-of-the-box ploys and tricks to see what works best for you.


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