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How to Turn Your Bathroom into a Calming Sanctuary

In the hectic whirlpool of this modern busy life, we might have forgotten that there is a place within our home we can retreat to, reset and recharge our batteries. Our bathroom is definitely so much more than just a place we rush through a couple of times a day in order to attend to basic hygiene. With a little imagination and minimum effort, it can become a spa-like sanctuary, offering peace and solitude when we decide to turn off the world and put ourselves first. A mini makeover is all it takes to transform your bathroom into a personal, inviting space you will run home to, so let’s have a look at some of the ways in which you can rethink this space and turn it into a haven of comfort. Not to mention that we can even try a cold water immersion there.

Free Some Space

If you feel that it’s getting hard to breathe in your bathroom, it’s time to declutter. Toiletries, make up, hair products, towels and brushes have piled up, making the space feel cramped, even claustrophobic. Take some time to go through all the things in there and sort out what needs to be thrown away and what you would like to keep. Items you don’t use on a daily basis can be stored underneath the sink, in a medicine cabinet or in a decorative basket that will surely add to the appeal. Once you finish clearing some space, you’ll find that relaxed atmosphere you were looking for. 

Go for Calming Colors

The latest bathroom designs have said goodbye to the boring, traditional white, and welcomed soothing pastel blues, pinks and metallic shades. If you want to create that at-home spa look and feel, avoid striking accents and colorful shower curtains. Instead, complement your freshly painted walls with matching linen and add accessories such as a set of dispensers or rolled towels and creams on a wooden stool, which will slightly break the existing color pattern and stand out as unique and luxurious. Throw in some fluffy rugs for that fuzzy, warm feeling and you’ll be all set for a cozy, relaxing soak in no time. 

Invite Nature Into Your Bathroom

If you thought that plants won’t fit well in your very own spa sanctuary, you are mistaken. Natural elements bring that earthly vibe that will enhance the space and de-stress the mind and the body. Bamboo is a plant which can grow in almost any light and with no soil whatsoever. All it needs is some water and pebbles, and it can flourish as long as it’s well hydrated. Place it on the floor or on a bathroom shelf and enjoy its zen appeal. Another plant that will thrive in your bathroom’s humid environment is the orchid. They are tropical plants that enjoy the warm, indoor air flow and they will be perfectly happy on your windowsill with some indirect sunlight. Not only will they brighten the atmosphere, they will also purify the air. 

Aromatherapy and Soothing Sounds

Although invisible, fragrance adds much to the overall spa experience. You can use scented candles, an oil diffuser or incense to help you sink into your zone of comfort. Scents like lavender and pine will calm you down and alleviate stress, and the smell of freshly-cut grass will make you more joyful. Fruity smells like citrus will boost your energy levels, and apple fragrance will help with that headache you’ve been carrying around all day. 

Installing a speaker system is definitely worth the investment, since it will offer an experience you can only get at the spa. However, if you don’t feel like splashing out, all you have to do is purchase a waterproof Bluetooth speaker and play some white noise, guided meditation, nature sounds or just your favorite songs to immerse yourself into the therapeutic ambiance

Soft Lighting

When you wish to give yourself completely to the soothing atmosphere of your bathroom, candles will provide just enough of that warm, flickering light you need to soothe your nerves after a long day. But even if you opt for moody miniature spotlights or dimmer controls, you will definitely hit the spot and romanticize the room. Set the mood by keeping the lights and the music low, and the spirits high while you enjoy the hot, trickling water washing away the stress. 

Baths and Showers are Equally Relaxing

Even though a brimming, bubbly bath reduces stress, it is not always possible without a major bathroom remodel. Luckily, if you cannot add a large feature such as a Jacuzzi, a sauna or even a bathtub, there are many options which can turn your shower into blissful comfort. You can install color therapy or massage showers which will also give you that much needed spa-like experience. It is not the tub or the shower that make the ambiance, but rather the small things such as scents, music, lights and the overall sense of relaxation and elegance.

Turning your bathroom into your very own cozy and affordable spa requires creativity and imagination, rather than money. You can create your own slice of heaven just by spending some time flipping through Pinterest pictures and ideas, and doing some minor shopping for candles, towels and plants. Take some time to choose the music you’d like to fill the space with and turn the tap on. It’s time to leave the stress behind and enjoy your newfound luxurious reality. 

by TheoE

Theodora is a passionate blogger from Sydney and she is someone you would call an IT nerd. Also, she takes great interest in psychology and helping people deal with their mental and anxiety issues. Besides that, she loves martial arts and enjoying nature.

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