How to Use the Moon to Enhance Your Energy Work

If you’re interested in using meditation as a healing technique and as a manifesting technique, then you’ll be interested to know about the unique way in which the Moon will affect your energy work and magic making.

With so many mindfulness techniques out there today, there’s one very old and very predictable way to work with energy. And that is with the frequent shifts that the Moon creates. We can see how the Moon affects people around us. Just visit a bar or an emergency room on a Full Moon, both will be frenetic.

When it comes to the practice of visualization or setting your intention to reach a goal, the Moon can help us there too. You’ll be interested to know that most people who start to tune into their own energy are using the Moon to create new things in their life, and to let go of things that are just weighing them down.

By the end of this article, you’ll know how to do it too and don’t worry — it’s fun and it’s easy. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel here or go on a quest to find the egg of a bald eagle in order to manifest. You just need to understand how the Moon affects us, as well as when and what do with that knowledge.

And it’s spelled out here for you in plain language, so you know exactly what to do. This is free juicy insider’s wizard secrets that you can use to change your life!

The Unique Energy of a New Moon and a Full Moon

You probably have paid little, if any, attention to the Moon up until this point because it doesn’t seem to play a role in our lives. But it is like a piano which plays the notes of our psyche each month. What that means is that when there is a New Moon and a Full Moon, we all have similar and predictable energy.

Once you know this, you’ll start to feel it and you’ll see it around you as well. A New Moon is when you look in the sky and there is no part of the Moon illuminated, it’s as if you’re just seeing the greyed out image of it like an icon that you cannot click on your computer. The New Moon is often when we feel tired, less social, and want to retreat to our cozy blankets in bed.

Then the complete opposite is the Full Moon. This is when you look into the sky and the Moon is completely lit up. The circle is full and just as the Moon is illuminated, we feel clear-headed, ready to decide and take action. The Full Moon makes us feel full of energy and confidence. People are more sociable at this time.

Speaking of time, it’s going to help to know when the New Moon and the Full Moon is. There is usually one New Moon and then one Full Moon – two and a half weeks later – every month. Some months will have two New Moons or Full Moons depending on the exact timing.

How To Use The Moon Each Month

The reason everyone makes such a big deal about the New Moon and Full Moon is because it’s also a gestation period for your ideas (think of an egg incubator). So starting on the New Moon, we are extra creativity and we can get very clear on what we want to do and how to approach it.

Moving from that New Moon towards the Full Moon is building energy when people are starting to feel excited and our creativity is firing. This is when we plant seeds for our goals, take action on making them happen, and spend time visualizing exactly what we want.

The fun part is that at the time of the Full Moon, it’s like someone hits the proverbial symbols and everyone decides to move forward at once. You’ll often get many opportunities at the same time, whether they are job offers, housing approvals, or news you’ve been waiting for. It happens like clockwork.

This additional energy of the Full Moon we can also use to heal. We can release things with this burst of confidence and illuminated state of mind. Whether it’s a negative thought we’ve been carrying around or a habit we really need to kick, we can now see that certain ideas or actions are just not worth our time and we can clean house at this time.

It’s fun to follow this birth and death of ideas each month as we move towards our biggest goals like a cosmic inchworm.

How To Use The Moon Cycle To Manifest and Heal

You do not need to wrack your brain trying to come up with ideas on how to capture ideas and then work towards them from that time between the New Moon and Full Moon each month. You’re covered with this fun array of manifestation techniques:

First of all, on the New Moon, you’ll want to get in the habit of sitting quietly in meditation with a journal. This is when you will still your mind and ask your heart what is best for you to focus on bringing into your life. You want to ask that you be guided to the highest good and not just something your ego wants so that you will manifest something that will give you true meaningful satisfaction that lasts. You can write down what your intuition helps you perceive and then get to work making a vision board.

A vision board is easy to make. You basically cut out pictures and words that make you excited about your goal. Make your goal as clear as possible on this vision board so that when you look at it, you really feel as if it’s a reality.

You can place the vision board in a special place in your home where you will see it every day and give this vision board some real significance by placing some candles, flowers, and crystals around it. That way each day when you sit in front of it and visualize your goal, the crystals will help you go deep into meditation and they will help you feel positive about the outcome of your diligent spiritual work.

On the Full Moon, sit quietly in meditation once again. Thank the Universe for what has shown up and surrender the things that you no longer want in your life whether it’s sugar, a bad group of friends, or a job that is draining your spirit. You will feel free when you use this time to dump the junk. Then you have time to prepare for the next New Moon and follow up on the things that came on this Full Moon.

Generally, it’s not a good time to start new things during the time between the Full Moon and New Moon because the light of the moon is diminishing and we are entering the darkness in our consciousness where we do not obtain clarity so easily.

How To Use Lunar and Solar Eclipse Energy

Every six months, there is another cycle that jam packs the moon energy like a firecracker or like it’s on steroids. This means that the larger goals in our life are going to move forward during what we call “eclipse season.” You will always have lunar and solar eclipses grouped together at the New Moons and Full Moons, and these will bring the major changes in our lives in the big departments such as love, work, and home.

You’ll see that everyone goes through major changes at this time because the energy is amplified and everything comes to the surface. Now, we will all get a push from the Universe on the Full Moon that happens with an eclipse so, during this eclipse season, you want to be sure you’re diligently focusing on the direction you want the Universe to push you. Otherwise, you’ll just get pushed.

This larger cycle will have a six month incubation period. We go through the preparation for our bigger goals during that time, and you’ll see that usually the things you started at the previous eclipse season six months prior will either take off or pitter out as a dud. You can also scrap the big ideas that didn’t really seem to suit you after all during eclipse season. Alas, you may have dreamed of a Ferrari but then find out you’re more of a Prius person after all.

To Infinity and Beyond…

You can always check the upcoming dates of the New Moons and Full Moons as well as the eclipses online and they are easy to find. You can also get an astrology calendar if you are someone that uses a day planner so that you will see it as you write your to-do list.

Once you get in the habit of tracking the Moon, you’ll really look forward to these monthly and six month cycles because you know the things you diligently put energy into will take root and sprout. You will enjoy the more efficient use of your energy too. When you know it’s a good time to start, you’re essentially working with the energy. It allows you to manage your expectations of when things will happen and when to rest and just enjoy life.

As you release old behaviors and welcome new ones and as you set your sights on your dreams, you will realize, you can co-create with the Universe. You’ll love the way the Moon helps you and you’ll really find that you want to get clear with what it is that your soul came here to do for the world. You know what they say, ‘with great power comes great responsibility.’

If you’re looking for your purpose, check out your birth chart — which is like a treasure map that will lead you there just as clearly as the Moon has its predictable energy. Now all that’s left to do is look up when the next New and Full Moon is, find out when the eclipses are, and get all the supplies you’ll need to work with this lunar energy! Have fun and believe in magic!

by KatieChristine10

Hi there! I am a writer and astrologer interested in a variety of different topics such as meditation, chakras and more.

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