How Your Business Should Encourage Workplace Cleaning

When you’re chairing a company, certain things take precedence. Audits, market research, staff concerns, insurance – they all take up a great deal of thinking and work time. There’re many moving parts that occupy the mind, and now workplace cleanliness has risen to the fore also.

In normal times, handwashing amenities on your premises were likely one of the things at the lower end of your priority list. However, given the extraordinary circumstances of current times, the overall hygiene of the workplace and staff can no longer be ignored.

Your business is expected to do more to enforce workplace cleanliness while COVID is here. Here’s the type of amenities you should consider and how to incorporate them into your firm.

Instil Calm

If everything is clean, everybody is comfortable, both in terms of physical and mental wellbeing. That should be the draw for everyone on the business premises, because at the end of the day, no one wants to work surrounded by harmful germs and dirty surfaces. If everyone does their part and remains quietly alert, that will never happen, and the fear of COVID will dissipate at work.

Unfortunately, many employees assume that is the cleaner’s responsibilities in the evenings to ensure everything is order. However, with something like COVID, everyone must be vigilant and pull together where it is part of their role or not. There’s no reason the cleaning staff should put themselves in harms way because your workers are sloppy, so a sense of responsibility is key here.

When everything is clean, everyone benefits. If people are scrubbing surfaces endlessly in panic, it will inevitably lead to a rushed job. Alternatively, were everyone to be calm and relaxed, a more thorough clean is assured.

Install More Facilities

Check your company premises and ensure you have everything you need to maintain the day-to-day hygiene of your building. Do you have enough cleaning supplies in sprays and mops? Are there any other amenities you could introduce to bathroom areas?

For example, you could install soothingly warm hand dryers. In fact, most sicknesses in the office are flu based, and Blowmotion understands this and endeavour to make their selection of affordable hand dryers hygienic, cost-effective, and exceptionally reliable. The company has the transition of germs in mind and have optimised their hand dryers to eliminate as much risk as possible.

It’s important to establish the right B2B relationships when it comes to the wellbeing of your commercial property. When those you are working with take matters as seriously as you do, and are just as thorough in their business practices, only good things will follow.

Polite Notices

It isn’t difficult to use a sink. However, there’s a stark difference between quickly rinsing your hands and thoroughly cleaning them. Technique is key here for the best results possible, maximising the safety of staff and visitors both. Otherwise, those with grimy hands will inevitably touch door handles or reception desks and spread germs aplenty.

Of course, you don’t have time to bring the working day to a screeching halt so that you can educate people on how to wash their hands properly. Instead, put up or post signs in hallways and wall space, or send out a companywide email on handwashing best practices and what is expected of everybody. You can even simply refer them to the NHS website for guidance on the matter. That way, the handwashing facilities you have on your premises will be used to their fullest potential.

Washing hands for around 20 seconds, using soap, rubbing between fingers, washing backs of hands, and using disposable towels to turn off the taps are the best ways to optimise hand washing routines. Instil everyone with this basic (but often forgotten) advice, and your workplace will be all the safer for it.

Provide Hand Sanitizer

When trying to kill the spread of a disease, the occasional trip to the bathroom sink unfortunately won’t be enough. There needs to be another layer of safeguarding and protection here so that everyone can be clean and safe.

In the event of COVID, it’s standard practice for businesses to provide hand sanitizer for staff, customers, and visitors to use. It’s important for you to choose the products that are regulated by HSE (Health and Safety Executive) or Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR), to ensure that they’re safe in their use. Otherwise, you risk introducing harmful chemicals into the workplace that could endanger all around.

Just as it’s so important for your employees to be educated on cleanliness, it’s important for you to also be up to date on what is expected of you as an employer. Make certain that you’re only using products that are lawfully regulated, and everyone will have that peace of mind that is so crucial in keeping the workplace spotless and safe.

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