Human Connection

Human Connection

Have you ever had a moment of honest to goodness connection? The kind of connection that defies logic, rational thought and that simply can’t be explained?

A moment that occurs with a glance between strangers standing in line at the supermarket. Or a fleeting moment of connection from across a subway platform; or perhaps that moment is the warmth felt from the smile of the lady who you pass by every day on your way to work, and today, for that brief second she looks deep into your soul and smiles a smile so bright that it’s as if she’s sending you a warm hug for your heart.

Moments of connection…

No words exchanged, no high-fives, no conversations.

Moments of connection…

Like the sudden scent of your grandmother’s perfume, or the unexplainable feeling that the person you’ve just met has known you for years, or Perhaps it’s the moment of calm you feel as you hug your knees to your chest, lie on your back and look up at the stars knowing that somewhere, out there, amongst the moon and the stars, in the expansive deep blue sky your moment awaits.

Have you had that moment? 

by Kelly Wilson

I’m Kelly and I’m a Registered Nurse/Nurse Manager. I’m also a mom, a coach but most of all I love to write flash fiction stories.

I believe that every one of us has a powerful story within us. That’s why I created a flash fiction series-Stories with Sole-that centres around the lived stories of people and their shoes. If you could walk in the soles of someone else, what would you learn?


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