Human Connections

Over the years, my friendships have become much more conscious, more present. We all have friends who we see from time to time, but because of schedules or distance, social media has coveted some of our interactions and one to one time. I love having friends from my own age group and generation, but I must admit that my intergenerational friendships can often result in a more intentional exchange and provide a little more gusto or flavor to my contact list.

Friends come from all walks of life in our multicultural world. But note, the value from relationships with people that are either a generation or two beyond yours is priceless. There is significance in age diverse friendships. Friendships with individuals that are a graciously older can guide, inspire and heal us. I love the ease of listening and learning from someone who has lived longer than myself.

My curiosity leads me to cherish these moments, they can be transformative in many ways since many of my elders have passed on. When open to receiving the stories and experiences of those shall we call seasoned folk, there is a relevant exchange that can ultimately influence us. These authentic friendships that can span beyond our years are a testament to life and knowing that we can find commonalities where we thought it would be unlikely is truly refreshing.

On the flip side, there are the friends we enjoy that may be our youthful contemporaries, although who’s counting? After all, isn’t time an illusion? Are we not timeless souls? Is age anything but a number? Friends that are younger are typically more willing to listen to some of the life experiences encountered and open to sharing some of the most up to date terms that my teenagers are tossing into our dialogue at home.

Fortunately, I have shared some good times with friends that (have less of a credit history) and have genuinely enjoyed the journey. We laugh, we reminisce and we help one another. We help one another to understand specific shifts in society that have taken place in the last 20 years, and we have an exchange that allows for expansion of thought.

For me, it is a natural course to share friends of various generations, simply for human connection. In part, this intergenerational understanding feels like a blessing. The parallel to my own history of relationships with my abuelo y abuela (grandfather and grandmother), whom lived well into my adulthood, and having nieces and nephews that are currently the age of many of my professional peers, brings the comfort of home when spending time with my multigenerational friends.

Whatever the criteria of friendship that you identify with, never underestimate the power of human beings from different generations. Each generation bears witness to life from their own view and may just enrich your world. You will always share and learn something that will foster growth, this authentic connection may even be considered a lifeline.

by bea_amor

Beatriz, aka, Bea is a life long career explorer, but mostly, she wants to leave this world better than she found it. Bea's commitment of greener living drives her insight to creativity. Her favorite pastimes are walking as the sun sets, eating well, reading, spending time with her daughters and reminiscing about her Cuban heritage.

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