I am

I’m  Black

B- Beautiful

L-  A Leader

A- Awesome

C- Courageous

K- Kind

Yet somehow now

The color has become blind

Our color has struck

A nerve

The ball has been thrown

Yet we get the curve

We get the killings

We get the violence

And now they want to shush us

Let us remain silent

Don’t say a thing

What happen to letting freedom ring

Was that just a phrase

Why are we getting lashed at these days

Why are we losing

So many people

It’s not making sense

And all you hear people yelling is self defense

How many streets will we see covered

With people dying

While trying

To survive

You ask a child what they want to be in the future

And they just say alive

That hurts me deep down

Because children are supposed to be having fun

Instead they worrying about will I get shot down with a gun

My heart goes out to everyone with a son

Keep them covered

Keep them sane

Keep them grounded in Jesus name

Lord what has the world come to

Is this the new norm

Why has everyone began to harm

They couldn’t wouldn’t represent you

Because you are loving and forgiving

Look oh lord the land of the living

Is hurting they are upset

Please protect them from doing something they will regret

Reach out and touch somebody hand

Make this world a better place if you can

Was a chorus from a song

That we need in our souls

Speak to them Lord let them know you are still in control

My black is beautiful

It’s healed of hurt

Healed of pain

Healed of forgiveness

Healed of regret

Healed of a heart

That has been attacked

Healed of worrying how others will react

Healed of rebuilding

Your mind , spirit,

It’s time to let go of the color blind

Have each other back

Pick them up where they slack

Let them know it’s ok embrace being black

Mother’s pat your self on the back

Raising so many great men and women

To be all they can , even if others think different instill in them they are amazing

Celebrate what you created

To the boys and men

Give them hugs let them know they are awesome and are the best

Let them know they are a testimony from a test

Embrace them , face them

No matter what let them know to never give up

Even tho it seems as if the world tells

Please don’t allow them to fail

Plant in them greatness

Let them excel

Don’t get me wrong I love all races

And stand behind them to

But it’s something

About my skin

That is too beautiful

To Amazing

And I am not ashamed

I am wearing it for you and me

In hopes of one day

Us as blacks can become free

A moment of silence

For those we lost to violence

Ahmaud Arbery

George Floyd

Trayvon Martin

Eric Gardner

Micheal Brown

And so many more

Your names will always be remembered

Cherished and never forgotten

That you lost your life to a world that’s rotten

But we are here

One thing we wouldn’t change

Is your names

Or ours

We are important

Our names hold power

And I’m speaking facts

I love my self

I love I’m Black

Written by Concetta Hardnett


by MissChettaPoetic

The Voice behind the pen
The pen and the paper
The paper and the pen
You can rewrite your story
From the beginning to the end
Erase it , rough draft
Direct your path
Who can explain the pen better
Than Ms. Concetta


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