I Am A Writer

My love of writing is beginning to flourish again, as it always does.

 Even with all the doubts and fears that are and will arise, I have come to know there is an absolutely interesting and distinct beauty about writers. As I watch Toni Morrison’s interview with Jada Wendt I sense a sort of mystery, a very beautiful and intriguing quality about someone who can speak less but tell you all you need to know with the words they choose to use.  It is a wonderful and terrifying quality that I am by all means grateful to have acquired at such a young age and am grateful to have been able to keep coming back to.  

Writing stretches me, it makes me very uncomfortable because in order to love what I’ve written I have to have been vulnerable and real with myself. Writing also frees me in the process and that is what I perceive love is.

by KneiayraCM

I am 21 years old. I have been writing since I was 6 years old because it was easier for me to communicate and organize everything that was going on inside my beautiful mind. I want to use this platform as a means of starting to trust myself and the gifts I have been given. I would love to begin a career in writing beautiful pieces in magazines. Creating spoken word songs and more! Im really looking forward to delving into this medium seriously as it has been sort of my life for so long.


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