You Are the Answer You Are Looking For

Many books have been written, many radio stations have broadcasted, many celebrities have spoken on how to find love. One might say it’s not to search from the outside for your ‘other half,’ but to look inside. The question is, what if your ‘inside’ is empty—what then? Does it mean you’re forever alone? Does it mean you’re shallowed? Does it mean something is wrong with you?

I am here to tell you that nothing is wrong with you. Nothing is missing. It’s how life functions. It’s how you were born. You are you and nothing else matters. You might feel empty and lonely at times. We’re the same; we’re happy when things go our way, and in contrast, we are upset, angry, mad when it doesn’t. How people deal with their emotions is different than others. It could take you longer to get over a heartbreak, however, it doesn’t mean you’re weak or worthless. It means you’re too invested and you have no answer for what went wrong. Think about it this way: it took almost 30 years for the world to realize Thich Nhat Hanh’s intentions (and his teachings) are for the greater good. It took Oprah Winfrey well over 10 years to prove to her peers that her ways are the right way. Those examples are rather exceptional and well-known. What you and I could do is feel inspired and believe we are not worthless—to trust ourselves and to act on the dream we always snooze off on the bus. A job, a certain someone, a college rejects you—not because you’re not worth it, but to make you available for a greater good.

So yes, take a deep breath, be still and look deep within yourself through an oak tree, a sunflower. Feel the breeze and find the beauty in you. Smile. You will have the answer you are looking for.



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by NinaVo28

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