I Know You Hate Zodiac Signs, But Look At Your Natal Chart

“Where did you say you were born again? Boston? Okay, well according to your chart, your Sun sign is in Sagittarius, but your Moon is in Cancer and your Venus is in….”

I catch myself standing in the center of this room reading this guy’s natal chart out loud to him. Approximately 15 people and I are sitting in a fraternity’s dingy off-campus house during a day party. We all decided to get a reprieve from the festivities occurring outside, sat in one of the brothers’ rooms and now I have 15 pairs of eyes staring wide-eyed at me as I tell this boy what the stars say about him.

Before this, I, slightly inebriated like everyone else, my friend and I were discussing her boy issues, to which I suddenly asked, “What’s his sign?”

Before she could answer, a guy who overheard the conversation asked me, “Do you know a lot about zodiac signs?”

“Well, yes, for as long as I could remember.” It started with my mother, who said she always wanted a Scorpio daughter. I would be her moody, powerful, intuitive child that would spend girl-time with her and understand her emotional Cancer ways.

This was a long shot because she has all brothers, my father has all brothers and their siblings all have boys. But lo and behold, I was the only girl born in my family, and four weeks earlier than I should have been. My mom got exactly what she wanted.

So my whole life she has praised the universe for working in her favor. My mom is also a devout Christian. The confusion on people’s faces when my mom talks about Jesus in the same breath as astrology is something that always amused me; apparently, the two beliefs don’t usually intersect. But my mom always argued that if God created the Universe then that must mean the Universe has some control in you. That sentiment has always stuck with me.

I get the skepticism. People read the personality traits of their sign and proclaim, “Ugh, I’m a Capricorn and I definitely have feelings, what gives?”

Very regularly, when I tell people about their signs, they’ll argue with me how the traits I’m reading don’t align with them. Even I have read about my sign and twisted my face in confusion; that’s mostly because those Sun sign descriptions throw out generic buzzwords and hope they describe you, generally.

This is where I introduce the natal chart. Your zodiac sign is more than just your Sun sign, which is determined by your day of birth. To get a more in-depth look of who you are, you have to add your time and place of birth. By combining the month, day, time and place, you will know exactly where the planets were when you were born.

Each planet (even Pluto!) has a different sign. Your Sun might be different than your Moon, which will be different from your Venus, which will be different from your Mars, and so on. Each planet also has a different meaning—your Mercury sign is how you communicate, your Venus is how you love and Mars is how you deal with anger and aggression.

It’s a little overwhelming, daunting and sounds a little more like B.S. when I describe it, but I implore you to look for yourself. Looking at your natal chart allows you to become more introspective and examine how you view your world.

It also helps you examine your relationships. Are you a Pisces who’s strangely attracted to a Gemini, even though you’ve read those two signs don’t mesh? That’s where the natal chart comes in—maybe your Moons are compatible. Or your Venus signs just get each other. Aren’t you a little curious?

If you really think I’m full of it, you can look at my favorite birth chart site here.

Or for those with a shorter attention span, download the app Co-Star.

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by yosoyalexandria

I'm Alex, a soon to be college graduate currently residing in Columbia, SC, but originally from Atlanta, GA. I'm a Scorpio, Enneagram type 7, and Myers-Briggs tells me I'm an ENFP. I'm a huge fan of personality readings. I love traveling, food, true crime podcasts, weddings, and getting to know people. I try not to talk about studying abroad or my boyfriend too often.


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