I said no

Pulsing music seeps into the room

Flickering lights enter from the street below

Breathing heavier

Suddenly gasping

Just to say no

But yet those hands still roam


People mere footsteps away

But there you are

No way to escape

The weight is crashing

And I‘m still gasping

Please, no

But oh,

There you go

by awlorraine

I became a journalist because I’ve always been passionate about people. Through my journalism I strive to tell inclusive and diverse stories that make an impact on people’s lives. In these stories I hope to empower the communities I serve.

I never chose to become a writer, that is just something I have always been. I love to write journalistic pieces, sure, but I also love to write poetry, recipes, personalized instagram captions and anything else that gets thrown at me--as long as I'm typing I'm happy.

I’m a Pacific Northwest native and much of my personality reflects that. I spend my days drinking overpriced coffee, reading used books and wandering the forest, or beach, that I was raised by.


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