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I Want To Fall In Love

I want to fall in love

It doesn’t have to be like a fairytale

I just want someone to be there

To be able to see all of me and not look away.


I want someone to fall in love with me

They don’t have to be perfect of course

It’s impossible to do so anyway


I want to be worthy of love

I’ve tried to do so my whole life

I never seem to be enough for anyone

Or sometimes it’s that I’m too much


I want to have enough love in me

To be able to share it with all, generously

But I have never been able to, and never will be

Because I always tend to think practically


Why give love if I don’t get any back?

Why does it feel like I always lose?

Then I realized that it is not, in fact

Love that I’m giving, it was all a ruse


A desperate disguise that I didn’t recognize

Because in my mind, I was right

But in truth, it was only

A call to not be lonely

Since I knew that being with my thoughts only

Would someday lead to insanity


Then I must make a correction

I’ve realized my mistake

I want to fall in love

Fall in love with myself

by Bhavika Kapadia

I'm Vickie, she/her, 24 years old, Indian American, and like to rhyme! Addicted to music, Twitter, and webtoons.

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