I Won’t Help You Lose Weight

As a health coach, I won’t help you lose weight. Here’s why:

Actively making choices in the name of losing weight is a diet. A diet is part of diet culture. Diet culture is part of the larger issue around our society believing that fat bodies don’t deserve respect. The number on the scale is not an accurate representation of your overall health or wellness. Not to mention, diets can be incredibly destructive to your body.

That being said, there are always situations where weight loss is prescribed for life-saving purposes. This is not what I’m referring to, although all people deserve dignity, respect and autonomy over their bodies.

Weight loss has plagued you for years, hasn’t it? It has controlled everything you do—and I mean everything. Holy hell, I understand where you’re coming from, too; I know what it feels like to constantly worry about food and dieting and losing weight.

My hope for all women across the globe is that you stop living your life in the state of “When I lose this weight, I will…” I bet you didn’t think it was possible to start really living your life without the pressures of dieting. Truth bomb—It is 100% possible.

I bet your next question is, “How do I get there?”

Start with these 3 steps:

  • Learn more about the lies you’ve been told by the diet culture industry. Did you know that the diet industry fails 95% of the people it claims to help? Did you know that most of the people who partake in dieting gain all or more of the weight back? Yeah. You read that right. You didn’t fail the diet—the diet failed YOU.
  • Do the things on your “When I Lose Weight” list right now in your current body. Go rock climbing or go out on that date. Be someone who stops waiting for their life to begin.
  • Write about it. Journaling and writing thoughts down is super therapeutic. It will help you when you need to look back at how far you’ve come. Sometimes, all you need to do is put the words out in the world to feel better about your life.

I encourage you to try these steps this week. Figure out a way to build it into your schedule. The time is now, and you don’t have to shed a single pound to embrace it.

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by Em Underation

Em is a plus size certified health coach and body positivity advocate. Her specialties include intuitive eating and life coaching. She helps women ditch societal standards of beauty and dieting and learn to love the skin that they're in AS THEY ARE.

Em lives in Columbus, OH with her two golden retrievers and fiance. She loves a good taco and all of the red wine.


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