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I’d Rather Be A Mother – Art & Poetry


I’ve been writing blackout poetry since I discovered I couldn’t have children. I have fallen in love with it, but I’d rather be a mother. The poems in this series confront common infertility themes: blame, aging, uncertainty. I try to break wide open the fears and insecurities that often accompany this isolating disease, and it’s my hope that sharing this journey will inspire others to create something beautiful out of something broken.


blackout poetry



blackout poetry



Author: Colette Love Hilliard
Email: lynne.colette@gmail.com
Author Bio: Colette Love Hilliard is a writer and teacher currently chronicling her journey of love, marriage, and infertility through poetry and art. Colette hopes her open and honest approach to such sensitive topics resonates with her readers and inspires them to use their creative talents to heal. For more of her poetry and story, follow her on Instagram.
Link to social media or website: https://www.instagram.com/colette.lh/


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