If, Monet

If Monet,

If we had time, would you have counted on me

If Monet,

If we had trusted, would you have loved me longer

If Monet,

If I had the courage, would I have been safe

If Monet,

If I had listened, would you have stayed

If Monet,

If I had given you the bricks, what would you have built me?

If Monet,

If I was more present, would I have told you how I felt?

If Monet,

If the fire hadn’t burned through, would there still be me and you?

by mahlilena

I'm a 28 year old writer from Kentucky, and this is my second year in Chicago. I have fallen in love with this city, and with the new oppurtunities for growth that it's given me. I feel like now more than ever, is the perfect time for me to share my words and my experiences with the world.

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