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If you were to show them

If you were to show them, 

would they really understand, 

the wounds that live inside your heart? 

If you were to show them, 

what you really think,

would they judge your thoughts, 

or would they say,

I’ll hold the space, you so 

desperately need

If you were to show them, 

the parts of yourself you hide 

behind your happy smile,

would they walk away,

or would they stay awhile 

If you were to show them, 

the pain behind your sparkly eyes, 

would they act surprised

or would they say,

I knew it all along,

that’s why I’ve never left

your side 

If we were to show one another, 

exactly who we really are,

would we be able to hold each another,

or simply, drift apart 

                                      Claudia Carina 

by claudiacarinagill

My name is Claudia Gill. I am an artist, writer and healer living in New York City with my husband, three very active boys and a sweet puppy. My writing and art focuses on healing and connection. I believe we are not much different from one another and our individual journeys helps us guide others along the way.

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