Generation Z and I sure know how to connect. We follow, mention and repost, but we donʼt actually hang out. Or maybe thatʼs just a personal problem?

Most of my friends are via the internet. I met my girlfriend on a dating app, and I make most of my connections through Instagram. I canʼt help but wonder if this is healthy.

The last time I was in a bar I saw a familiar face; a “famous” Instagram public figure, 48K followers. She was sitting in a corner, alone, on her cell phone. I went upstairs to socialize and dance. Hours later when I was leaving the bar, I saw her sitting in the same place, alone, on her cell phone.

Now, I feel lucky. Iʼve discovered a way to make my generationʼs disadvantages into financial advantages and create a thriving career for myself as a social media specialist. But at the end of the work day, how do you turn it off?

My regular social participation involves scheduling time to spend together to “shoot,” and my first priority when entering a new social space is getting the wifi password.

I LOVE Lil Miquela, I LOVE HUJI Cam, I LOVE shopping on Depop. But how do we find a balance?

See you in cyberspace.



Author: Alexia Montgomery
Author Bio: Alexia is a freelance social media specialist based out of Columbus, OH. She has a passion for fashion and dancing.
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