The weight of living in importance

I’m here – listen to these breaths you’ll learn something about my soul. The weight of living in importance & growth. Good. But. Not. Always. Easy.

this is all I have to say today.
small words on a big page.
the suns up outside – 6:42am
& it’ll be a good morning regardless of what’s floating in my chest
feeling impossible and beautiful
tie up your hair today, and pop your knuckles
we’re all going to battle in some big, some small ways
I won’t loose
I’ll be okay being right where I am
I’m not bad
I’m not loosing these moments where memories are eclipsed by present
pain – healing
fear – hope
love – love
it’ll pull you apart if you let it
the breaking can also allow you to be bigger
to expand into SomEThingneSS
a desire we all have
to be close and safe

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by halyngrace

A story teller from the beginning. Situated in Oregon. I write to learn more about love and what it means to be alive.

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