Working With Imposter Syndrome While Trying To Be A Fearless Female

“I think I can…”

“No, wait, I can’t…”

This is me. Every day of my life, just trying to figure out my place in the workforce and whether or not I am doing a great job in the work I produce.

I am currently trying to get my own small business underway, having been a freelancer for five years and having worked with different clients in many different niches within the marketing, social media, and public relations realm.

I want to officially be legitimate, but in reality, I should feel legitimate whether I am a freelancer or have an LLC next to my brand name.

The reality of it is, even after I become an LLC, get a website revamp, get some more clients, I probably still will not feel good enough.

As women in the workforce, we have to toot our own horns a lot and each time we talk, it may feel like an out-of-body experience hearing us trying to describe ourselves in a positive and powerful way.

“Am I talking about me? I barely got dressed today, but somehow I am saying I am an awesome woman in business, so I am probably lying.”

Sigh. In reality, you aren’t lying; I am not lying because we are all awesome women in business. We get to work; we have clients, we have jobs, we do well. Why is it that we can’t push through this imposter syndrome and be proud of who we are? Is it society pushing us back? Our need to hit a level of perfection in our work that is unattainable by human standards? Are we just simply dealing with some self-esteem issues? Who knows, but in the end, we should be proud of who we are and what we do.

Every time I slink into another bout of imposter syndrome, I try to remember those client emails where I was told how great of a job I did on a project, or those moments when I did not do my best work but was kept on with a client. I was obviously kept on with that client for a reason, and that reason might be that deep down I am not as much of an imposter as I think I am.

Perhaps, as women, we need this reminder every so often, so I implore you to keep those simple reminders of your hard work on hand for when you need them the most. That email of praise, that Christmas bonus check that was way more than you expected, or just a sticky note with something nice a client told you. It all can help us come back to ourselves and instead of saying “That’s not me,” instead we can own our own success and be like “Hell yeah, that’s absolutely me!”

Keep on chugging along ladies and be proud of your successes in whatever industry you are in.

Author: Sarah DeGeorge
Email: sardegeorge@gmail.com
Author Bio: Sarah DeGeorge is a freelance marketing professional who dabbles in blogging, public relations, and social media management for her clients as well. She runs her own small business marketing firm and hopes to expand her business offerings in the near future. Beyond her professional work, Sarah enjoys traveling to new cities and also puts a lot of effort into helping the stray animal populations of Philadelphia and teaching others how to take care of the animals as well.
Link to website: http://www.socdedicated.com


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One response to “Working With Imposter Syndrome While Trying To Be A Fearless Female

  1. As a small business person (male) I would like to point out that this happens even to men in business. You have to prove yourself everyday. Thinking that it happens to you only because you are female only puts up another wall. Just do it! And don’t reflect if you fail. Just keep on moving forward.

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