In love with herself

She is sunlight
but she is also moonlight
radiation and reflection
nothing has changed but the way she has chosen to shine

She is an intricate spider web
but she is also the fly caught in it
captivating and imprisoned
nothing has changed except what she has decided to hold

She is a rainbow
but she is also the cloud that hides it
revealing and concealing
nothing has changed except her ability to be seen

She is an American Shorthair
but she is also a lioness
intimate and untouchable
nothing has changed but the power she presents

She is in love with herself
but she also strives for growth
knowing her limits
but challenging them time and time again.

She is in love with duality 
because she knows the power of contrast
she is an open book
but it’s written in Latin

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by Msiegelc

My name is Maya Siegel and I am a 19-year-old survivor and female minority from Evergreen, Colorado. I am the founder of Space to Speak, an organization that creates and pushes consent curriculum. Aside from that, I am an editor for Lune Magazine, a social justice poet for Defiant Magazine, and the Secretary for ThinkOcean.


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