In The Direction Of Peace

my path to walking in the direction of peace. 

my path to self-love, my path to balance.

Step One:


Forgiving myself for two years ago, forgiving myself for yesterday. Recognizing that I have made mistakes, and will continue to make mistakes, and that it is okay to make mistakes. Not blaming the world, others or circumstances that I was born into, but rather accepting my control, my power—my power to move forward, living with no regrets, forgiving myself. Not expecting perfection, but expecting my best at that moment.

Step Two:


Spending time with myself so that I can learn about myself, better myself, find strength within myself, spoil myself, pamper myself and LOVE myself. Not feeling guilty about this “me” time.   

Step Three:


Making decisions based off of what I WANT. Not what I think I should do or think I should want. Not what I think others want for me. Not what I think my family wants for me. Not what I think my partner wants for me. Knowing how to say NO and having the strength to say it, when something doesn’t feel good or feel right. Fulfilling myself first, knowing what I want and acting accordingly.

Step Four:


Focusing on today only. Waking up brand new each day, choosing to be full of positivity, strength and happiness. Being alone with my current thoughts. Taking time to write. Taking time to think with no stimulants or distractions. TAKING MY TIME; mindfulness. Focusing on my breathing. Taking time for small tasks and paying attention to detail. 



Author: Alexia Montgomery
Email: info.alexiataylor@gmai.com
Author Bio: Alexia is a social media specialist based out of Columbus, OH.
She is passionate about fashion, and dancing.
Link to social media: Instagram @alexiamontgomerie

by Alexia Montgomery

Social Media Specialist with a passion for art, and dance.


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