Inspiration Through Poetry

Everyone has a hobby or a passion that inspires them and helps them cultivate their creativity. Whether it is scrapbooking, collecting stamps, drawing, or running, everyone has their own thing that helps them unwind. After a long day, it’s always nice to spend some time doing that one thing that helps you relax and brings you a moment of joy. For me, it’s writing and more specifically, writing poetry.

Poetry is something that has always inspired me and more importantly makes me feel in a way that most things don’t. It captures a mood, an essence, and the feeling remains with me. It helps me express myself, my emotions, and helps me unload things I carry inside. My favorite poet is Pablo Neruda and the beautiful way he combines love with elements of the earth and his surroundings. He is the basis for the type of poet I would like to be. I’m also very inspired by Rupi Kaur, Richard Siken, Rainer Maria Rilke, and Charles Bukowski. I write both free verse and rhyming stanzas. Sometimes they go on for pages, sometimes they’re only four stanzas. Some of my poems are about personal things while others are simply about topics in general. It really just depends on the mood and the words drifting around in my head. Here are two poems of mine that I didn’t deem awful (being a writer also may sometimes mean being a huge perfectionist that hates all of her work, yet keeps writing). They are on separate matters, but ones that are instrumental to my life.


The Writer

Ink blue stains across her fingers

She lives in a different world it seems

Her imagination is a cool splash of color

She lives in a constant state of dreams


She writes to free her soul

Let her scattered thoughts roam for a while

A weaving of lullabies and beauty

Wild horses running down the aisle


Like most things in life

It’s easy to begin and hard to end

Where will this tale take us, my friend?


Messy hair, distant days

What brings joy to men?

For her it was as simple

As picking up paper and pen



We’ve all had rough patches

Or days

Or months


Steady your shaking hand

You are not as awful as you think

You are raw with humanity

What goes down must come up

The light shines on a garden

Even when all the flowers have died

You can rebuild

Bloom again

You will be whole one day


Take your pain and regret

And turn it into art

Write until your fingers bleed

Write until you’ve spilt all your heart


Author: Kimberly Olivera
Email: kim.olivera.22@gmail.com
Author Bio: Just a girl trying to figure out this whole adult-ing thing. Writer and coffee fanatic. I love films, traveling, good music, poetry, my dogs, and laughing.
Link to social media or website: https://www.instagram.com/kimbuhhlyy_19/

by Kimberly Olivera

Kimberly is a published writer, poet, blogger, and journalist with a Bachelors in Communications- Journalism. She is currently working on her first poetry book. In her spare time, she enjoys writing in coffee shops, spontaneous road trips with her husband, hobby photography, spending time with her three dogs, reading a good book, interior decorating projects, buying plants, and studying the bible. You can read her blog at www.kimberlyalysha.com and find more of her poetry on Instagram (@k.olivera.poetry).


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