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Interesting Interior Design Trends for 2019/20

You see, there are some ideas that are evergreen and some that are short-lived and telling the difference between them is not an easy thing. Also, you need to understand that blindly following a trend never gives satisfactory results. Instead, you need to pick those that suit you personally and find a way to make them fit your own home. The amount of natural light, the size of the space and the overall layout affect your design in more ways than you may think. All of this being said, here are five options you may want to consider for 2019/2020.

1.      A rustic look

The first idea that you want to consider is giving your home that rustic look that can appear particularly exotic in urban areas. To get there, you must first pick the right palette and then check the materials that you’re using in your home. Wood, wool and metal will get you the look that you want with ease. Another neat trick that you could try is the use of outdoor furniture. Using materials like wicker for your living room is a simple and effective way to achieve this. Hardwood or, better yet, reclaimed (untreated) wood is another option you can use. Lastly, you should also consider the concept of using outdoor rugs for your living room area.

2.      Minimalism is always in

One more evergreen design that you should consider is the concept of minimalism. What this means is that you opt for efficiency rather than the volume of inventory. To get there, you need to keep your place neat, paint it in neutrals and, of course, keep only the essential furniture pieces. All the rest needs to be removed from your living space. Scandinavian minimalism was a huge hit a couple of years back and there are a lot of people who still prefer this style in 2019. Needless to say, a theme that rests on simplistic beauty and efficiency can never go out of style.

3.      Warm and cozy family home

One of the most important tasks ahead of you is turning your home into a recharge space; making it into a place of rest and respite. For this, a sense of coziness is one of the things that you have to achieve through the textures, materials and organization of the space. First of all, you might opt for a warmer hue of light in order to create the impression that the space in question is a lot warmer. Second, you need to add a rug to the room in order to raise the temperature and make the place somewhat comfier. The color palette that speaks strongly to you is also an idea worth exploring. All in all, you have so many options ahead of you, so choose carefully.

4.      Humanizing and personalizing the space

Perhaps the biggest misconception about interior decoration is the idea that you have to make the place symmetric or immaculate in order to make it aesthetically pleasing. You don’t want a model home, what you want is a place where a real family lives. So, don’t be afraid to introduce some chaos into the mix. Spread some mementos, photographs and personal collections around the place in order to give it a more humanized dimension.

5.      An indoor oasis

The last thing you want to achieve is to turn your living space into an indoor oasis. For starters, you can decorate the place with some floral motifs. Floral wallpaper is a huge hit and so is the use of indoor plants. Keep in mind, nonetheless, that combining these natural elements needs to dictate your choice of furniture. However, you definitely don’t have to go for rustic. A contemporary choice of design is more than welcome.


As you can see, some of the above-listed options may sound quite contradictory, which is only natural seeing as how they solve the same problem from different angles. You need to pick one that suits your own personality and desires the best. Also, you need to keep in mind that this choice is not your own, seeing as how you’re decorating the living space of your entire family. Therefore, put some of these questions up for a vote.


by CarolinPetterson

Carolin Petterson is a businesswoman and content marketer with years of experience under her belt. She has had the opportunity to contribute to a number of popular business and marketing websites.


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