Investments You Should Prioritize In Your Young Twenties

Investments You Should Prioritize In Your Young Twenties

Being in your young twenties can be daunting; take it from me. While these are the best times in your life: starting your career, living on your own (or maybe with a roommate), embracing your independence and generally just trying to figure out who you are – it’s almost dizzying to start thinking about what spaces and decor to invest in first. Sometimes it’s easy to overlook what is important versus the luxuries, especially when you’re on a budget. Using some advice I’ve learned and my own experiences I made a list of benchmark priorities when furnishing and decorating your new bachelorette pad.

Your workspace – Yes. Invest. Ideally, this is where you’ll thinking all your big thoughts and building your brand. It all starts with the right tools. A clean desk space, a comfy chair, proper lighting, and good storage…you get the idea. Not saying you need to be dropping a couple hundo on a fancy desk but maybe it’s time to leave the hand-me-downs at the curb. And don’t forget the pin board for all that inspiration!

That new couch – Could probably wait a few years. While I bet you really want that green velvet sectional (and maybe I’m mostly talking to myself about that!) if you’re not past that phase of eating most of your meals at the couch, or drinking out of red solo cups with your friends, then you might want to wait. Spare yourself the heartache of a stain on a fancy couch. However, if you’re in desperate need for a spruce try a custom couch cover. Bemz (https://bemz.com) makes great ones to match pretty much every IKEA couch!

Electronics – Yes, but be reasonable. I have never felt compelled to always have the latest iPhone, but like the workspace, having the proper tools is essential for furthering your career. Make sure your computer is up to date and stocked with the software you might need. If you had the same laptop since college (guilty!) then it’s probably time to put that one to rest. Just be sure to update regularly and keep open beverages far (far) away.

Your bed – Yes. Yes. Yes. I consider this number one on my list. It is where you spend the majority of your life after all. Say goodbye to that extra long twin bed from college! Sleep is essential to your health and productivity (read any health article ever) so making sure you’re well rested and comfortable each night is key. What’s great is that there are so many companies out there with affordable and highly-rated mattresses and linens – like Casper (https://casper.com) and Parachute (https://www.parachutehome.com), to name a few – that probably won’t set you back too much!

Nice dishes/glassware – Eh. Not necessary. But I’m not at all suggesting you eat off of paper plates either! Chances are at this stage in your life you’re probably moving a lot (I’ve moved once a year every year for 5 years) and not hosting too many fancy dinner parties. If you ask me, wine still tastes good out of dollar IKEA glasses 😉

Cookware – Go for it. Pots and pans, in contrast to dishware, are probably a wise investment because most likely you’ll have them for a long, long time. If you’re trying to save money, you probably want to avoid too many restaurants or UberEats orders, so you’ll be using these all the time. Start small if you need to and just get one of each: pot, sauce pan, skillet, etc.

Art – Not necessary. At least for the expensive stuff. You’re still young and your brain is still spongy and adapting to all these new life changes. Most likely, what you’re into now is not going to be the same when you get older. Cheaper prints and inspiring quotes are still fun and impactful and won’t hurt the wallet. I’ve been really into flea market art lately – specifically paint-by-numbers – and while I hope I’ll always love those paintings like I do now, the investment was pretty low (average $20) so there’s no guilt should I part with them in the future.

Yourself – Always. Go on, get that haircut, that pair of shoes. Don’t go crazy and plan an all-inclusive vacation if you can’t afford it, but if it’ll make you happy then do it. Confidence is everything and feeling like a million bucks can help boost that self-esteem, which translates into better work performance and stronger personal relationships. Never stop believing in your awesome, boss-lady self!

Author: Catherine Blubaugh


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