Invisible Motherhood

When you are no longer pregnant, the world gets scarier.

Grocery stores become your temple to cry in,

As strangers walk by with empathy in their eyes

unknowingly, why.


Your body will no longer be the center of a miracle,

It will become a warzone.

A reminder that love was once made here,

That society wants to claim it for its own,

Adjusting it accordingly.

It will never hold this same experience.


When you are no longer pregnant,

You will question your God more than you thank Him.

You will feel ill prepared for the battle he has just sent you in.

Begging for him to take it all back.


When you are no longer pregnant,

You change.

You will cry for the things that once scared you,

Because now this seems scarier.


There will be no more massages,

Gentle “we can do this,”

And handholding.

All of those moments are now replaced with screaming cries.

There was once the responsibility to care for your body,

Because in doing so he cared for the life inside of you.

You are a warrior, aren’t you so?

There is no longer a baby inside of you

So you must stand on your own two feet.



Your feet are as lost as your hands are empty.


Author: Anonymous




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