Invisible Scars

I’m used to being ignored by many

But when it’s you

It hurts different

It hurts in a way I can’t explain the pain

It’s not like a toothache or headache

And I can’t show you where it hurts

Because I’m not exactly sure

But this pain is a little more than I can endure

And I don’t know what drug will fix the effects of another drug



Several bottles of tequila might numb me out for a while

Random sex might make me smile,


Maybe the pain is coming from all the things I’ve left unsaid

But how do I translate my feelings into words that you’d understand?

How do I translate my pain into words at all?

How do I show you where it hurts when I can only feel it?

How do I explain that you reopened a wound that never fully healed?

If you cannot see it

by prodbyjuuuice

My name is Shanelle Franceschi, I’m 22 and I’m a Starbucks barista. I love writing, mostly poetry. I love creating In general. I plan on going back to school and being a student in fashion styling. I’m normally very shy but I want what I have to say to get out there.

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