Mental Health

It takes work

It takes work daily, to recognize your emotional wounds and not let them become infected by what the world has projected onto you–better yet, projecting that pain onto the world. It’s about going inside, taking a moment to breathe, and find that stillness before going about your day and interacting with people.

It takes work to go back to a place you’ve repressed from your childhood and re-live it until you’ve accepted and healed from it. It takes work to be vulnerable, to let someone get to know your heart and trust them. And if they make another mark, it’s your responsibility to not punish them or yourself for the hurt, but to allow yourself to hurt and not let it leave a nasty taste in your mouth.

It takes work to come back to your authentic self. 



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by Lumina.ray

I write to process, to heal, to move through life with a little bit of grace, to stop living in my head, to find power in vulnerability - thankfully with editing tools, unlike real life.

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