Its a Girl

It was a chilly December evening,

I was struggling to breathe,

To free myself from the boundaries,

To crawl out from this darkness,

Into the light and into brightness.


30 minutes, it took for me,

To come out into this world,

Loathed in blood all over,

I managed to crawl out from the womb

To a new life, I guess.


All new people around me,

I felt not so sure of all,

I can’t hear a familiar voice,

Nor feel a familiar touch.

Who it is I wondered.


Scared to death, I cried a lot,

I heard people laughing,

The more I cried

the brighter they smiled

It made me cry more.


There I saw her for the first time,

Felt her big arms holding the small me

I felt her new, for never I saw her before

From the outside, she’s beautiful,

But tired and exhausted maybe.


We were a team, we are a team and will always be,

We worked my way out to this beautiful world,

We can touch, feel, talk, play, and sing together,

From outside, facing each other for the first time,

After nine months of staying in her finally!


Then I heard my dad coming in,

He held me in one hand carefully,

Went to her, my mom with a smile,

Then he shouted to people out,

Maybe to my grandparents: it’s a girl!

by rainajordan

I am Raina, and am working as an academic writer at Global Assignment Help Australia. I assist students in their academic work and provide them with the needed assignment help Australia. I love reading books and writing poems in my free time and my dream is to become a published author.


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