Jordan Donaldson

It’s Between Fear and Courage


Calm down. That was just a door slamming. 



It’s just a bag of chips. Why am I so jumpy? 



It consumes my every breath.

Sometimes I don’t even know it.

All it takes 

The tiniest out of place noise

and I freeze

And the adrenaline pumps. 

And the heart races. 

Breath quickens. 


I wish that all of my friends were with me in the classroom.

Then again

I fear that they would become fish in a barrell

Easy prey for the bullets.


I wish that my brother wasn’t at school. 

I can’t watch him all day

I can’t make sure that he’s safe. 

And it’s maddening. 


The few moments during the day that I’m able to forget

Are constantly interrupted

footsteps going too quick down the hall

laughing that sounds like screams of terror

Any announcement that comes over the loudspeaker

Chip bags popping

Doors slamming


And when I get home

I’m always overjoyed that we’ve all survived the day

Now we’re safe


But then darkness falls

And I keep telling myself that I am at home

No one is coming to get us. 


So I get up the next morning

And I do it all again.

by MaileStarr

Hi! My name is Maile. I'm a 21 year-old woman who is working to become an author. I believe that storytelling is the best way to teach and the best way to learn. When I have free time, I enjoy reading, singing, crafting posts for my Instagram, and everything nerdy! I specialize in young adult, satire, and flash fiction writing. I'm a proud Colorado native who wants to see and try everything the world has to offer.


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