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On days like today I feel as if my feet are stuck in the mud and I can’t move. I have accomplished so much in the past few years with battling my depression and anxiety. I found a job that I like, a man that I love and in general, I’m feeling good.

But I can’t move…

Even though I love my job, I come to work every day, sit down at the same desk and stare at the same computer screen. I like knowing what to expect, but, on the other hand, I am bored out of my mind doing the same thing over and over again, every day. It’s a good job, great benefits and decent salary, but there is no surprise. This is my first real job outside of college, and I am so thankful it is with a great local company, but I’m not happy, even though I like what I’m doing. Make sense?

Right now, I’m a corporate travel agent. I book flights for employees of well-known companies, but one day, I want to be a travel writer. I want to witness the cultures of the world. Speak with people that have different views and different ways of life. I want to travel and live in new places. And then share everything that I have learned and witnessed with others that wouldn’t necessarily have the means to travel. There is one thing that would set me aside from all the other travel writers: I have to travel with my pit bull.

I mentioned before that I have depression and anxiety, so I got Amore to help me through the tough times. Although Amore is there to help me, others see a vicious pit bull attack waiting to happen and that’s what stops me from going places and taking her with me. I want to ride trains, go hiking in the jungle or visit a small village with my best friend by my side and show other people the world.

All of this is just a dream I keep to myself, but maybe one day it will become a reality and I will be able to step out of the mud.


Author: Alysa Clemmons

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