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It’s Possible

You put yourself out there

A vulnerability that stood unmatched

By their unwillingness

To love you


And you had hoped for so long

That maybe it would change

And that they would want you

As much as you wanted them– or more


But heartbreak came

As all of the days remained the same

And now they have moved on

Waiting to hurt their next victim


But don’t be jealous of their new person;

Because you escaped before lasting damage

Could occur, damage they are notorious for sharing

You are stronger now


You know now that you are capable of love

Those who had accused you of being

Emotionally unavailable

Were wrong– so wrong


And all that’s left is

To find the person who wants you

As much or more as you want them

And I promise you love isn’t hopeless


It’s possible.


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by amijones12

My name is AJ. I've grown up in pretty much one place my entire life, so I crave to find new experiences and discover new things. I want to travel. Learn. Explore. I want to create. Observe. Dream. I love humanity. I value compassion, and hard work. I never want to give up. I am a very self-driven person and I live to succeed and to bring joy to others. I, being, the middle child, am a peacemaker. I hate division and chaos. I value organization; disorganization crowds my already overwhelmed brain. This is my blogspot, but also a part of my being. This is me.


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