job costing my love

I made a mistake.
I loved others too hard
And myself too little.

I gave away love
Never costing others
But I couldn’t afford it

Offered my whole self
While I received half,
And many times
not even a quarter
Of soul-stirring

Opened my heart’s doors
Only to have them slammed in my face.
Treated less than,
But never asked for more
Not realizing my diamond-like
In a world of cubic zirconia
And Diamonique

Accepted this half-ass love
Thought that it could
Conquer my demons.
Never realizing
It was annihilating me.

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by melaninwomanwriter

Anita Smith has loved poetry and literature ever since she was a little girl. She has a BA and MA in English. She also taught high school English for 3 years. Currently, she is an editor for a medical board. She also enjoys other creative outlets such as dancing and spoken word.

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